Tuesday, September 9, 2008

speaking of fall ...

Dearest J.Crew,

Please send me one of each of the following. Its pretty much fall here & I could really use them. Thanks for understanding that Im on a med-school budget or otherwise I would just purchase them myself. really.

Oh & if you could throw in the mens clothes for my husband.. I think he would look H-O-T-T hot in them. and come to think of it I will take the kids clothes too because they are just that stinkin cute. I know I dont have a kid .. but trust me.. I still need them.

You know what? Can you please make that my life as well? Its soo dreamy. Thanks. Youre fabulous. I owe you one.


PS - I will just email you my sizes since Im sure you will need them. Okaly Dokaly?


  1. I could spend about $3K in that store....

    if only blogs to stores meant free swag.

    At least it's fall there!!

  2. Oh yeah, have them send some my way too!!!
    sigh I love you J. Crew and your brisk Tuscan mornings.

  3. I heart Prague. Can you make sure JCrew sends you extra for me too? Thanks. Remember when JCrew was kind of affordable a while ago? Those were the days.