Wednesday, September 10, 2008

oh how I wish I could go do this over & over & over again

last night (while freeland was studying & I was reading harry potter in bed) we started talking about how our 1 year anniversary is coming up. We have been talking about it pretty much every day for the last week. But I also mentioned how it was just 2 years ago that Freeland gave me the best darn surprise of my life!

September 8th 2006 Freeland did this { <-click 'this' to see his version of the story }

proposal in NY
freeland down on one knee confessing his love to me ..

I wish I could go back and live that weekend over & over & over again. It was incredible! I was too shocked to really take it all in that it all feels like a blur but it was freaking amazing.. I must say.

What Freeland doesnt mention in his version of the story is how I was so secretive about my trip to New York. I wouldnt tell anybody about it... since I thought it was for work and I thought I was the only one from our division that was picked to go! I just didnt want people to know... which they all knew the entire time of course!

He also had my best friend Meagan go with me shopping to try to find something to wear. We got some dresses but I wouldnt wear any of them because I kept saying "this is a work meeting .. you dont wear that kind of stuff for a work meeting .. I dont want to look like some blonde bimbo walking in" If only I had listened to both of them because the second I saw someone was taking pictures of us (which was a surprise) I said "I cant believe this is what Im wearing.. I would never wear this." Classic.

He also didnt go into details about my response to his proposal. You should all know that I cry - very easily. (not when Im mad or hurt - just when things are sweet & gushy) Im talkin if there is a mastercard commercial on TV .. Im in tears.. that kind of emotional craziness. So its only obvious that the one time in my life i should cry, there wasnt 1 - single - tear! WHAT? I know .. it drives me nuts. I could go on & on about the irony but I wont.

He also didnt tell you what I said to him. After he quoted Proverbs 31 and talked about how it applied to me and what he prayed for our relationship .. the first words out of my mouth were:

Holy Shit.

And a few others. But its true, instead of Yes lets get married! I said Holy Shit. I couldnt for the life of me get the right words out! I think he would have been re-thinking that whole Proverbs 31 thing at the moment if he werent laughing. And of course - the yes and jumping up and down finally came. With people cheering around us that were watching. Magical is how I would describe the moment.

There were also a million surprises that he had for me the rest of the weekend. (like getting to see usher!) I will save those for another time. It was the best weekend of my life .. next to the wedding. Almost pretty much tied with the wedding if it were a competition. Its right up there.

If you want to see other pictures from the engagement click here


  1. Sweet, sweet story Brooke. There will be many more magical moments to come as your marriage ages.

  2. Oh my gosh Brooke! That is the funniest story! Obviously the whole engagement was amazing and what a true romantic you have on your hands, but your response after he quoted Proverbs is priceless!!!

    I've been checking out your blog lately and have thoroughly enjoyed myself! Great stories. And for all of those people who keep wanting to know what the point of your blog is, you should tell them, "Who said there would be a point!"

    I hope things are going well in your neck of the woods. Happy early anniversary!



  3. Super Cute Brookie!!! Thanks for the shout out in there. That was pretty funny trying to convince you to buy "non-work" clothes. Love you much!!!

  4. Just wanted to let you know, I can totally relate to you on the not crying during the moments in your life when you should be crying.

    Beautiful story.

  5. Dear Brooke & Freeland,

    I've been following your blog silently for a while now....pecking in from good old Europe(Germany).
    You two have a truely amazing relationship.
    Just wanted to wish you many more days filled with laugher and love.

    Bless you,
    Paulina aka Pam

  6. I love that story... You should have your reply handstitched on a pillow.