Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never thought I would see the day

fly fishing
yes, this is me. fly fishing. Not just fishing - but FLY FISHING.

Freeland is a man that loves hobbies. And it just so happens to be that he is pretty stinkin good at almost all of them too! If you introduce him to something he hasnt tried - guarantee you he will try it & love it 99% of the time. Especially if its something unique like I dont know.. lets say, harvesting your own honey?!

When we were dating he decided he would try out golf.. in an effort to get some quality time with my dad. Even though he had never ever played before! Growing up around golfers I was so nervous! I knew that golf is one of those sports that you dont just 'pick up'. Its one that even if you are good can take years to become something you actually enjoy playing. I figured even though he was great at so many other things there wasnt anyway that golf would come natural to him for a while. Especially because he played baseball when he was younger.

I was wrong.

The kid was hitting in the low 90's his first week! He had never even played before and he was scoring in the 90's! Who does that? All so that he could just have something to do with my dad. I wont lie - there were days he came home saying he would never play again .. but he still enjoyed it in the end.

Anyway, my point is Freeland loves him some hobbies. (and I happen to think he is a natural at everything) His hobbies all range from photography, gardening, any sport possible, carpentry work, brewing his own beer at home, wanting to train for a triathlon/marathon, camping, cooking and many many many more. But one of his favorites is fly fishing.

Fly fishing is the one that I would say has stuck around the longest. If you know him then you know that he tends to go in & out of caring about all of the other ones. (which leads to some funny stories) But not fly fishing. That one is consistent.

Since we have been dating he has always mentioned wanting to teach me how to fly fish - to see if it would be something I would enjoy and that we could do together. I always said sure! One day lets do that.. but this weekend lets not.

So it never happened. Until last weekend.

fly fishing
questioning what was about to happen..

I finally went out there with him & sucked it up. On the way there I was I kinda freaking out. He kept asking what was wrong & I kept saying "Okay you are just going to have to be patient with me on this one. What am I doing? I dont think you understand. Im not coordinated. I mean - Im an awesome dancer but Im not coordinated. (I Kid. I didnt say that last part.) I dont do these things well. Maybe we shouldnt do this. Im going to hate it. No, Im sure I will love it - because you love it. Oh crap what am I doing? Promise you will be okay if I dont like it?" All the way to the peninsula I was just trying to not freak out. I didnt want to stink at the one hobby he has actually consistently enjoyed the last 7 years!

fly fishing

And guess what. I didnt stink that bad. I actually maybe even enjoyed it a little bit.

fly fishing
pulling out my line and getting ready

fly fishing
sitting and trying to remember everything he taught me. 1 o'clock and 9 o'clock ..

It was a nasty morning. We almost didn't go because of the weather but we figured we would try to beat the rain and just do it. Besides when I told him on Friday night that I would go he practically peed his pants .. so I couldn't imagine saying never mind because of the weather. It was dark, cloudy & super windy the entire time though! We started with the basics "just learn the rhythm that works for you." Umm I will let you in on a little secret. Fly fishing is complicated & takes skill. But it is all about your rhythm. Once you get it - you get it.

fly fishing
Look! Were out of the water! Thats the goal, to get it out & keep it out

fly fishing
check out that rhythm! Freelands a great teacher

fly fishing
me confused because I thought I caught a fish but it was just seaweed. bummer

So I guess I shouldn't have avoided fly fishing for so long. I enjoyed it. I mean, were not going to Patagonia and buying me waders or anything (even though Freeland probably wants to) but Im glad we have another common hobby that we can do together. We do live where the fly fishing is amazing now so Im all up for another thing to do outside!

Just dont ask me to do it when the lake is frozen over with ice.


  1. Oh my gosh! You go, girl! My one time fly fishing it was like 40 degrees last April so I should probably give it another shot. But it was fun (Ish) except for when I caught a fish and freaked out.

  2. If he starts harvesting honey let me know.......I will buy some from him. Perhaps he should get some goats also and start a goat cheese business......I love goat cheese. Just a thought...............

  3. Oh if you were only with us while we lived in Texas! He actually lived on a farm that had goats - and made goat cheese!!! Thats also where he harvested the honey! If only it was up here!