Tuesday, September 2, 2008

labor day weekend gone bad ...

a picture NOT from our camping trip.

well.. I would love to post pictures from our camping trip - but there was a little accident that caused our camera to sit in a creek for about 30 minutes. Therefore, there are no pictures from the trip.

Here is what I will say: The camera was the least of my worries this weekend.

Oh & I have posted pictures from another camping trip back in Waco. Just for those of you who only look at pictures & dont actually read this! :)

When I sat down trying to think of what to write I really couldnt. Its too funny to sit and remember all the details. Really it wasnt funny while everything was happening but the only thing I can do now is laugh. Here are just a few highlights. Please know that we do know how to camp and arent complete idiots:
  • started with the woman we were supposed to meet at the park info place leaving work early. She was going to give us all the information we needed.. or so we thought when she told Freeland "meet me here tomorrow I would love to give you all the info & can show you the best place to camp on the map".. I dont know why we thought she was going to meet us?
  • found the place ourselves. started the hike in. all was well. bags were a little heavy. And by a little I mean A LOT.
  • another dog found our dogs. The other dog didnt like our dogs.
  • kept hiking. started getting tired. ready for the "4 mile hike" to end.
  • heard something fall. turn around & see a trail of crystal light single packs behind me. Hear Freeland say "your bag is unzipped and thats where I put your camera."
  • Turn around to go find the camera. Found it in creek with mud all over it.
  • Keep hiking.. following all the signs they have marked that are supposed to direct us to the camp site. Eventually start hiking UP. So really we start climbing. Trying not to complain. Almost fall over each time I step since my bags bigger than I am. The dogs even get tired & wont step over the branches anymore.
  • Realize, or finally admit, we've been hiking for way to long. No way this is a 4 mile hike.
  • Starts getting dark. Suggest that we just find a flat place to camp for the night.
  • Find where they are digging for oil or something and set up the tent as it gets dark.
  • Rain starts
  • Did I mention that our backs are almost broken at this point? And I have bruises on my hips? And Freeland's shoulder is throbbing in pain. Were too tired to eat so we just pass out.
  • That night was a story in itself. No bears, dont worry.
  • Its Freezing outside.
  • Wake up. Look at Map. Realize we hiked for about 9-12 miles.
  • Also realize there is no way we can physically do it again.
  • Search for a way out. Find it. Go home... after a quick stop to McDonalds.
  • Side note: My eye is bright red. I assume its allergies.

Those are just highlights. Do you wish you were with us?

It was crazy. I couldnt believe we hiked so much.. and the entire place was so beautiful and ended up camping next to an oil rig! Who does that? See - there is humor in there when you think about it. I wish I had pictures to show you.

Even though it turned out to be a not so good camping trip - I had fun. We were even willing to stay that day & go to another place but figured it was best to go home. Okay, I was willing to stay. Freeland was ready to go home. I tried to build a tent that night while we watched movies at home.. it didnt work too well but we did eat all our camp food! So it was worth it.

Okay, remember my eye was red when I woke up?

I thought it was allergies. It kept getting worse. Then it started hurting & I couldn't really keep my eye open anymore. Freeland said "lets go to the doctor" I said "umm I dont have an eye doctor here yet, its the weekend, and a holiday, so we would have to go to the ER and that's way too expensive for an allergy"

So I keep trying to tough it out and take lots of medicine. The next morning {Sunday} I woke up and had to put a blanket over the window to block the sun it hurt so bad. I begged for medicine "anything that would knock me out" and then slept more. Woke up & it still hurt. Finally I said "okay we can go to the doctor."

Thankfully we did because it turns out there was something stuck in my eye that was scratching my cornea. The pain wouldn't have stopped. The doctor let Freeland assist her while she stuck a few things directly into my eye. I almost squeezed Freeland's hand off. And she pulled it out. Put a few other drops of stuff in there & explained that it would still hurt because the little piece of something in my eye had scratched the cornea and it would take a little while to heal. She also said:

"Unfortunately there isnt anything to help with the pain or stop your eye from watering. The only medicine we have will give you ulcers in your eye. Oh and were going to need to give you a shot."

Successful trip to the ER - check.

So it wasnt an allergy. Lesson Learned. And Freeland just keeps looking at me and telling me to stop giving him the stink eye. (funny.. but not funny) Thankfully we had left the campsite or I would still be in pain now. I would also like to note that I did NOT have to have the shot in my bottom - where Freeland kept saying that I would. My arm is still in pain though.

And that was our first Labor Day Weekend together as a married couple. I think we are stronger for it. Although I would have rather been enjoying the weather & doing more than just sit on my butt .. At least we can always look back and laugh at our crazy camping/hiking experience and our weekend not laboring.

I found these pictures below & had to add them. They are from the same camping trip. We were on our way home and in Freelands old Honda, Navy Bean. Yes - the dogs used to ride like this before we got the truck. I thought you would all enjoy seeing them squeezed in & loving each other:

Maddie curled up on top of Oliver


  1. Oh I'm sorry about your bad camping experience. But at least you have a good attitude about it and can already laugh about it, I'm afraid it would take me a lot longer to get over it.

  2. Camping and I SO do not mix (the last time I did anything camping related was about 13 years ago and ended with me falling in a lake. fully clothed. and not enjoying it). I feel your pain!! (well, not the eye pain, I'm glad you got that looked at!)

  3. I thought Camille said it rained also. Trips like this-YOU NEVER FORGET-the others will just become a blur-NOT THIS ONE!

  4. Oh my goodness, Brooke! I thought our Labor Day weekend was poopie, until I read yours. YOU WIN! But wait .. that's not somethign to be excited about :( I hope your eye is better today!!

  5. Wow...way to be positive about your trip. Sorry to hear about your eye. You will definitely always remember this trip.

  6. Well hey, when your hubby gets out of line you can always threaten to give him the "Evil Eye" now. At least until it heals. The clock's tickin', so use it while you can!

  7. oh im glad yall leave comments b/c youre sweet & encouraging.. and you also remind me of things I forget to mention like - yes, it did rain! How did I forget that!? And Ron I completely forgot to mention that all Freeland would say was "quit giving me the stink eye" everytime I looked at him! So your comment was hilarious! I used it as long as I could!