Friday, September 5, 2008

i would clean but ..

I would clean .. but clearly I cant.
What kind of mother would I be if I just picked her up & moved her? While she was sleeping? Its her daily nap? I cant wake a child up during a nap!

This little nugget sits right down in the middle every single time I try to do the laundry.

See its not the first time she has done it:

Ignore that the laundry has been sitting on the floor for over a week waiting to be done. Its because of her that it isnt

And Im glad

It gives me a reason to put the laundry off one more day

Its also her 1st birthday today so as far as im concerned.. she can do whatever she wants.


  1. Those are cute pictures! I definitely agree, the cleaning can wait.

  2. If she were really your kid, you would tell her to get up and fold some laundry.

  3. NEVER move a sleeping cat.....Our middle cat...Mr. Fozzberry Pie is now sleeping in our bed since his partner, Ben, went off to college in NE. We get in our bed and half to sleep around our cat. We move for him.......he doesn't move for us.

  4. Ray that is so funny! Great point. Next time I will remember that!