Friday, September 19, 2008

i wish i could put this weather in my pocket

photo credit here

Mornings like these I wish I didnt have to work and could go play all day. I love it.

Quick happenings:

-planning for our annivesary celebrations (lots of fun little romantical things planned)
-working on freelands gift every chance I get ... which isnt as much as I wish it was
-cut my hair this morning. hoping to look like a hottie-bo-bottie for the hubby
-pee my pants excited for what I believe will be an incredible weekend
-actually lets be honest. I think it will be a magical weekend.
-yes I said magical.
-currently on the phone with meagan, that makes me happy.
-i really hope freeland likes his gift. im a fan of it but that may just be me.
-im dying to know what he has been working on all week.
-dying - to - know. really
-camille got me hooked on harry potter. addicted.

-hold. someone at the door hold on ...

-it was UPS. A package from my mom that says "to be opened for your anniversary" glad I saw that before I ripped it open without Freeland here.

Happy Friday. Keep you posted on the happenings of our "happy anniversary to us" weekend. Also, I was just telling Freeland last night that Im so glad we got married in September! I love the date of our wedding and the time of year it falls on. Yippee Skippee

PS. I updated the songs down there on the right in honor of our you know what! (if you dont know then please reference the post above .. and why didnt you read?) We danced to 'hold you in my arms' at our wedding... 'We are man & wife' was a close runner up (long story) but all 3 songs are meaningful to us. I could post about 5000 others but I will spare you.


  1. ah thats so exciting. u will have to take lots of pictures. also im still DYING to see pics of your house! hook me up!

  2. Happy Anniversary. I pray that your entire marriage will be as magical and wonderful as the past year has been for you.

  3. LOL, you are a riot....sooo giddy. I would probably have to smack the beejeezus out of you to sober you up if you were in front me right now. It can wait.....I will smack the beejeezus out of you whenever I see you and lucky for don't know me, so that will probably never happen. hahahahahahah.

    This is my favorite time of the year........and is romantical reall a word???

    I have my 20 year in Nov.
    Happy Anniversary........I always sing Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversery, Haaaapy Anniversary...from the Flinstones, when he had the whole gang sing for Wilma to get him out of trouble.

  4. Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see the updated blog post!