Wednesday, September 3, 2008

high school sweethearts

Did you know I was in yearbook in high school? its true.

So I read about this website, yearbook yourself, on this blog & also on Brittney's blog.. and was oh so curious to try it. I mostly wanted to see what Freeland & I would have looked like if we dated way back when. These crack me up. Its a little hard because some look perfect and others just really dont look real at all. Some you just have to do the trick like its one of those "magic eye" games and squint to see what we would have looked like .. but you still get the idea.

Here is what Freeland & I would have looked like if we were a couple back in the day. I happen to think he looks great in pretty much all of them. I would have totally wanted to be his girlfriend back then:

1950 - charming
1952 - even more charming

1958 - I look like I could be his mother .. but he does wear a bow tie


1962 - Freeland looks like a kid from little rascals

1964 - my dad had those same glasses when he was a kid

1966 - poof


1974 - not sure which I enjoy more the hair or the turtleneck


1978 - wowzers

1980 - I can see us rollerskating with these hair-do's

1984 - I was 1 years old this year. But I would have totally looked like that going to prom.

1986 - this looks like a hard year for us. shoulder pads

1988 - I remember my friends parents with these hairstyles

1990 - 1 word: bangs


1994 - I think I have the same exact picture of myself somewhere

1996 - I would have totally dated Freeland this year - really all the years.

1998 - what did they do to him? If I could only show you my year book picture from 9th grade.. I did look just like this. curlers.

I think we would have been great high school sweethearts. If only.


  1. I graduated in 66. There is an art to teasing your hair like that-THANKFULLY a lost art!

  2. ok this is hilarious!!!!!

    i tried it. but how did you save them???

  3. Whoa- we totally look alike in those bottom two pictures of you- 1996 and 1994. Weird!

    That is so funny!

  4. LOL Frickin LOL.......I have way too many comments and I have to keep them to myself. LOLOLOLOLOL

  5. Ok I'll admit I've looked at this a few times and laugh so hard every time. I had to do it on my blog too, thanks for letting me copy you, but it is just too funny!! You guys look great in all the years!

  6. Oh and by the way, our high school yearbook was great!! Way to go!

  7. I love this. I did it too!! SOOOOO FUNNY!

  8. That is hilarious!!! Some great hairstyles!