Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 1 year anniversary

Phew! What a weekend. Of course I have a ton to post.. from Friday when Freeland had Camille take me on a scavenger hunt (like he did our first big date with Lindsey my roomie!) .. to spending an amazing weekend in New York where he proposed to me 2 years ago.. getting to eat lots of yummy food (and cupcakes) riding the subway, sitting all afternoon in central park, running around the streets late at night, and celebrating our marriage.

It was amazing. We didnt get back into Erie until midnight last night so were both pooped.

Today is our official 1 year anniversary. We do still have lots planned for today. I cant believe its already been a year .. and I cant believe its only been a year! Strange how that works! We spent the entire weekend reminiscing about our relationship and the day of the wedding. It was my most favorite day ever. I loved having every person who we love so dearly there with us!

Believe it or not - I would go back and do the entire thing over again. I didnt mind the year long wait... it made it all more fun. I loved all the planning. I loved getting it all ready. I dont really remember feeling too stressed. (although I do remember that I wasnt a fan of doing the guest list and invitations) Anytime there was anything to be done .. Freeland was right there next to me helping! Like when I had no idea what flowers I wanted and really didnt care .. he was there planning and picking them out for me. So I would happily go back and do the whole thing again just to have that day.

I thought I would be a little sad once we got to a year of marriage because we arent as much newlyweds anymore. (btw: when do you consider yourself not newlyweds anymore?) But I still feel just as much newlyweds as ever. Im in love with my husband the same way I was a year ago when we were married.. 2 years ago when he proposed.. and almost 4 years ago when we met. I have come to the conclusion we can always be newlyweds.

So in honor of the big day here are some wedding pictures. I realized that I started this blog because we were engaged - and then I never even posted one picture after the wedding! Except for on birthdays.. but here are a few of my favorites!

Yes .. this is just a few! There are a gazillion more I wanted to share. I love them all.



freeland getting dressed


getting ready. picking out jewelry. getting dressed. laughing


praying before the ceremony started


A bunch of handsome men


Craig & Oliver


funny story - nobody came and told me it was time so I pretty much had to RUN to my own ceremony. I wish you could have seen a picture of that. Cracks me up.


Freeland taking it all in as my dad and I walked in ..


our friends


lots of tears were shed


right after our vows were made.


you may now kiss the bride..


These 2 crazy kids were the flower girl and ring guy


yes, our wedding party was a little large. But we love LOTS of people... k?


details that I loved


this bad boy (the cake) is finally getting finished tonight!! I cant wait. It soo stinkin yummy.


One of the many beautiful tables Kathy set up for us


Part of our favors. Love is sweet. We made donations on behalf of our guest to different charities .. and then gave them cookies to take home with them. Mark made every single one of the cookies himself! Talk about incredible!


more favorite details


tables set up outside the tent for guests who wanted to relax in the garden


our first dance as man & wife


cutting the cake & putting it on Freelands nose


then the dancing started


and kept going


and going


and going


but this little man .. was the life of the party! This is Meagan's brother! Adorable.


besties all married. (we need an updated one now!)


getting ready for the flowers toss


Meagan caught the flowers!!!


guys turn


Jake caught it - and now guess what.. he is married!


our last dance


the end.

Stay tuned. Im trying to upload a video shortly.

Thanks for all the sweet notes & thoughts! yall are wonderful!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to hear more about your surprise trip to NYC!!! Enjoy your cake!

  2. happy anniversary!! such amazing pictures! LOVE the one of you and the one of freeland where you are both crying. so sweet. ahhhh. :)

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful wedding. Congratulations on your first year. I have been married for seven years and still feel like a newlywed.

  4. Oh wow, what a beautiful wedding. Congratulations on your first year. I have been married for seven years and still feel like a newlywed.

  5. Happy anniversary! Glad y'all had such a special weekend!

  6. I love the sash around your dress. Your dogs are FRICKING HUGE. I will be married 20 years this November and I feel it gets better every year! Not too many people can say that. We are kids at heart and I think that helps. ALWAYS continue to have fun regardless of your age.

  7. Happy Anniversary and a lifetime of more to come!

    I have to tell you how refreshing it is to see a young couple love God, love each other, love our community, and love life.

    The pictures and words you choose to publish give hope and meaning to a world frayed with rampant divorce, broken families, living together and skipping commitment, promiscuity, and unfaithfulness.

    I place all of those social maladies on a scale of justice, read your blog, and place your life on the other side of the scale. Voila! There is balance and hope anew.

    You pose this question Brooke:
    "(btw: when do you consider yourself not newlyweds anymore?)".

    One of my 8 sisters, Kathie, married at age 19 in 1961. Her husband, Hank, was at the reception and walked around to his family and said: "I'd like you to meet my bride!"

    Hank was my best friend over the years and one of the truest Christian men I ever met. He died in 1996 in the arms of my sister, Kathie.

    In all the years I knew him, Hank always addressed someone and brought Kathie over to the conversation.

    His first words were ALWAYS:
    "I'd like you to meet my bride".

    I was with him in Los Angeles and in Oregon; at family affairs and business functions; at school with the children, or at church. He never failed to introduce Kathie as a preliminary to conversation, and he never failed to say:
    "I'd like you to meet my bride!".

    His smile and sincerity were obvious to all.

    I have never seen another person do this in any relationship ever since.

    For Kathie and Hank, the honeymoon ended when by death did they part.

    Freeland seems to be a Hank. I pray he introduces Brooke forever as "I'd like you to meet my bride!".

    I knew my sister longer than Hank knew her. But his expression and love have lasted well over the decade he has been dead.

    Her honeymoon as a widow still goes on because of the dramatic knowledge that she was his bride daily, and he voiced it that often too.

    God be with you on your journey. And thanks for giving us a glimpse of what life with love can be.
    May you always be a bride in honeymoon.

    Best regards,
    Danny Lucas

  8. you guys are adorable. this is my first time on your blog site. you have the most awesome photos. i know you hired professionals for some, but you two also have a very good eye and trigger finger. I am moving to Frederick, MD in March. so, i'll you in no time.

  9. Your wedding looked so beautiful! What a special post to remember your special day.