Tuesday, September 16, 2008

forget fall ...

Pottery barn already has their christmas decorations out!

New Picture

We sat and looked through the magazine last night! I was browsing all of the fall decorations and turned the page only to find CHRISTMAS! I love this time of year!

Of course Im going to embrace fall & wont be forgetting my favorite season. But Im really stinkin excited for Christmas too!!!

PS - we already booked our flights home to Texas for the Christmas! Actually we booked them about 2 months ago. Too early? Probably! But their booked and thats all that matters.. Thanks to my dad & Tracy sharing some of their miles with us!

PPS - Their halloween decorations with the glitter on them are totally copies from Martha Stewart last year. Just sayin.


  1. oh my gosh... i totally should not have just read this..im gonna get myself in trouble

  2. Don't you LOVE those lanterns. I also poured over my catalog

  3. Good thing you did book them earlier - My wife is going to Vegas for her brother's wedding (He's stationed there at an Air Force base, not gettting the good ol' Elvis wedding). She looked at prices one day, had to coordinate plans with her mom, and BOOM! The ticket price jumped $50 in a week.

  4. Oh man, to be able to decorate your home with all crate & barrel and pottery barn....

    I love it!

  5. Hey Brooke,
    Thanks for popping in on my blog and for commenting.
    Okay, I am beyond jealous now. Last year Nov we were in the US and I spent all of my money of Christmas Decorations from Pottery Barn, one of my favourite shops. You will just have to enjoy them for me this year.
    Hope you dont mind me adding you to my blog roll.

  6. I just saw that today! Way to jump the gun PB. Although I must admit, I heart PB and I heart ALL of the decorations for the season. See you tonight!

  7. Hey B!

    I saw that yesterday too!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! :) How have yall been? we need to catch up! love ya, KT.

  8. PB is not the only one.......several already have them out. gotta love the pb.

  9. hey brooke! i saw your comments on my blog today...what colors did yall get in that poster? they are soo fun...also i am almost done w/ the shack. i was up till 2am trying to finish but couldn't...too tired. anyways....i love your little blog and it looks like yall are enjoying your new place! will yall be coming to tx for BU homecoming?