Monday, August 4, 2008

this just in ...

Freeland kicked booty on his first med school test! He also had his first quiz {yep.. first test & major quiz all at once} and kicked booty on that too! Im so proud of him. He studied really hard all last week and this past weekend and it totally paid off. I think he also did a fabulous job of managing his time so we were able to relax & hang out also! I asked if he thought it was the breakfast I made him today that helped.. but I think we both came to the conclusion he couldnt have done it if he wasnt working so hard to begin with. But Im pretty sure my breakfast did help. Who can concentrate during a test if your tummy is growling?

Also. breaking news. our puppies are adorable. sorry for the loads of pictures but I couldnt just pick one.

i turned the corner & found this laying on the stairs sleeping

flirting with the camera

acting like he doesnt even know im there

goober. leaning in to sniff the camera.

look who wants in on all the action? See her in the corner?

smile for the camera oliver.

he loves his sister & is willing to share the spot light with her.

Dont let her fool you though. She is a total softy. Look what I walked in on last night:

yes, she is snuggling with her stuffed animal. no, i didnt stage this.

realizing we all saw her cuddling.. and that I would probably blog about it she jumps up

and starts showing us what she really meant to be doing.

playing .. not snuggling. she is a great dane. they are big dogs.. not little puppies who are just softies at heart.

or are they? Cause Im pretty sure in this pictures she looks like she is comforting the stuffed animal & apologizing for having to "play" with it..

See. Adorable! They are just big goobers... the size may throw you off but they are total softies. Happy Monday.


  1. Brooke-How much dog food can those 2 wolf down?

  2. how much? or how much does it cost? just kidding. its not too bad. we only feed them once a day. I would say that we go though a 40 pound bag every 1 & 1/2 weeks... give or take a few days.

  3. Your dogs are seriously precious! I love big dogs (not that I don't love my dog too, of course!) and yours look like they have so much personality!

  4. I love Oliver on the stairs! that is too cute.
    And....way to go, Freeland!

  5. Freeland, congrats on doing so good on your exam! Not sure I have it in me to start studying hardcore all over again. I plan to eventually get my MBA....but I don't believe it's the same as Med school!!

    What type of dogs are those...I'm assuming they are great danes? Some good friends of ours have 2 great danes, one of which looks like a long lost sibling of yours!

  6. I would love to see Olive standing next to those two. She's 1.4 pounds now...they might mistake her for their toy.

    I love them both. precious.

  7. Brooke, I must admit that your blog is one of my favorite ones to read. I love the commentary on the dogs, it makes me smile!