Friday, August 15, 2008

Saint Paul’s Italian Festival

Last weekend Freeland took a study break and we headed over to the heart of Little Italy in Erie for the Italian Festival {Celebrating the Feast of the Assumption} at St Paul's Church. Since we had such a blast at the Greek Festival we knew we had to check out the Italian Fest. Chello.. pasta fagioli, spaghetti, pizza!! Yes please.

The festival lasted all weekend. Friday they had dancers but we couldnt make it then. If only! Im sure it was fabulous. We still had a blast. The way I would describe this festival is that it feels like one big family reunion.. and we didnt even know one person there! I felt like every time I turned around someone started talking to us as if we had known them our entire lives. Of course I also went on to explain to Freeland "these people have so much history here and they are all older than us.. so they really know what they are talking about & have so much wisdom.. we should listen to them" Im not sure why I came to that conclusion - but its how I felt about the people there. When we werent talking to someone I would just sit back & watch other people reunite, connect, and celebrate just being together. I loved it & felt like I was on cloud 9 the entire time. Here are some pictures:

the band.. they were amazing & put on a great show!

the crowd watching

one of the many people chatting with friends & enjoying the festival

the festival is a big fundraiser for the church... Im not gonna lie though. Freeland was a little confused by this.

inside the tent.. All the sweet women from the church made these goodies.

Im pretty sure I sat & talked to them for so long Freeland had to pull me away. They loved telling me all about their grandkids & families though & I loved it.

they all baked these for the festival! Authentic italian goodies! 1 of each please

after we browsed all the yummy food, and ate as much as we could, we went back outside to check out the activities, games, and music. Sadly, look at how dark it got:this is when we knew it was about to rain & started praying that it wouldnt

you cant see it but on the sign back there they had "pop" as an option.

This was the first time I have seen "pop" as an option up here. {we're used to "coke" down in Texas} It made us feel like we really were in the north.

People playing Bingo

still no rain.. but getting darker

the jumpy thing for kids

whoa... i guess I moved when I took the picture of him jumping. but I liked it.

As it got darker the band started 'going to town' and I loved it. All the people were dancing & laughing! I met a very sweet man who gave me the history of some of the music they were playing. He used to be a professional dancer but had a stroke & then surgery so he just came to watch. I so badly wanted to see him dance! His stories were amazing

a few of the people dancing

this couple was having a blast

here is the sweet man I was telling you about. he loved getting to listen to the music and watch everyone dance

and then my friends.. it started raining.

and we darted to our car. but we had a great time. i loved every minute of it.

if you want to see more pictures. Click here and select festivals


  1. Nothing like a good drunkin' erie fest and mother mary covered in george washingtons whilst slinging back some pops to get the juices flowing.

    You are not a true PA'er until you have attended a wedding reception at the fire hall though.

  2. The fire hall wedding has to do a Buck & Doe dance though. Talk about your Washingtons...

  3. You guys picked a much better day to go! We went on Sunday and it never stopped raining on us!