Friday, August 29, 2008

a preview of our labor day weekend

Were headed out to Allegheny National Forest to go camping and soak up all this amazing weather!

This is what Im so excited about:

The sleeping bag Chris Hoover & his family gave me for a wedding gift! Its the only thing I have thats nicer than Freeland's and I love it.

PS: Have you ever seen anything cuter.. really:

Eddie & Sam hiding out in our camping gear

These pictures are a little old but the cats love when we get out all of our camping stuff.

I think its their way of telling us they wish they could come

Sorry Ed & Sam - camping is just for the dogs. Im only doing this because I love you not because I want to.

Happy Labor Day Weekend.


  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog while reading a friend of a friend's blog. I love keeping up with you guys! Great blog!

  2. Super cute pictures! Have fun this weekend!

  3. do not, i repeat, do not keep your food anywhere near your tent at night!

    It is really beautiful there, you guys will have a great time. just a tip, if you go in on the new york side (off of 86), i think they charge about $10 just to enter the park. your right, it is a great time to enjoy this weather. it will be a great weekend for weather and some camping. We have to go to a wedding in Syracuse.

  4. LOL, have a great time, it is sooo pretty up there. Hubby was in pa this week in Titusville for a funeral for 2 days. He said it felt sooo nice up there.

  5. Our cats are always drawn to suitcases, either sitting in them or on top of them.

    Have a great time! Make sure those tires are in tip-top condition!