Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh Canada! Oh Canada!

The last part of our week with Freeland's mom here we spent in Canada! We drove up to see Niagara Falls and decided we all wanted to stay on the Canadian side instead of the American side. Eh'?

The drive up there isnt bad at all .. which I love. I never realized we would be this close to so many places. I haven't ever seen Niagara Falls or anything like it before. The most I knew about it was that Allie & Steven spent their honeymoon there. Lame huh - not that they spent their honeymoon there.. but that all I knew about it was that. phew.

My dad had just been on business there & told us to expect the most commercial place ever. He was pretty much right but its still beautiful and I still had a great time.

Here are some pictures of the Falls to start off with:

this rainbow came out at the end of the day

The day we arrived it was raining, cloudy, and humid as ever. We checked into our hotel {the embassy suites} and then decided we would just walk around since driving there seemed impossible. We started out looking for a cigar shop so Freeland could get a Cuban cigar {remember - we weren't in the states anymore} but clearly they were all over priced since it is soo touristy & you never know how "Cuban" they really are so we opted out of that and continued our tour.

this is all the commercial & touristy stuff on the Canadian side that you see everywhere once you walk a street over from the falls. Its entertaining in a way seeing all the people & the crazy "attractions" they come up with:

not just Ripley's.. Ripley's moving theater

this was the burger king
the Ferris wheel.. I loved

all the crowds swarming around

the only place we went in.. the fudge factory.

right in the center of it all

if you continue the walk and go further away from the falls you start to see places like this.. Jason I took this picture for you.

Next we walked all the way down where the falls are. There are tons of people there also. I guess it is one of the wonders of the world so that makes sense! I couldnt believe how large Niagara falls actually is. You cant really tell until you see the people who are doing the tours next to it & they look like ants. Its crazy.

this guy was doing a performance for everyone there. The kids loved it.

Here are some more pictures of Niagara falls:

see those little yellow blurs next to the waterfall? Those are people.

the water really does look that green. I cant remember why - but there was a reason.

umm that boat is also huge close up. not next to the water though.

What would a trip to niagara falls be without family portraits? We saw everyone else doing it so we figured why not:

After that we walked around more:

then we stopped and ate here for a second

mini wine glasses

After all the walking around & sight seeing we decided to go back to the hotel. We definitely used the little cheat machine that you pay $2 for and "ride" your way back up instead of walking. Pretty smart for them to make that.

That night we decided to go to the casino & out to dinner. Big Money! Big Money! Freeland had never been to a casino before or gambled so we pretty much had to go! Besides, Im trying to convince him to go on a mini trip one day to Las Vegas so I had to get him to at least try a slot machine. Im not sure it sold him on the Vegas trip but we did have fun. We didnt play at any of the tables because the buy in was too high for us {med school folks} and there were some serious ballers playing. We just watched them & then stuck to the slot machines.

This thing is at the entrance to the casino. Its a fountain.. but it looks like its from the future

typical casino decor

The casino. Sorry these are blurry. You technically werent allowed to have a camera so I snuck it out, took a picture, and ran every time.

PS. I still had most of my money because I play 'smart' and by smart really I just play slow and watch everyone else then decide what I want to do. Then Freeland came {because he was already out of money} and encouraged me to try the wheel of fortune game.. I lost all my money then. I should have known by the way he plays monopoly not to listen to him! Lesson learned.

Oh and PPS. They also light up the falls at night & do a firework show! Note: These 2 aren't my pictures. I found them online so I could show yall though:

Pretty fun huh? So that was our first day in Canada & at niagara falls. We had a blast & were pooped by the end of the night. It is really touristy and people are everywhere - but I dont really mind it at all. Clearly its not a great picture of what the rest of Canada is like. But it was at least fun to be in Canada. I really want to go back in the winter & see what it looks like frozen over!


  1. The green is probably caused by the minerals in the rock. I think a winter trip sounds great!

  2. Looks like you went to Clifton Hill - My wife and I went there about a month ago (Her first time, my 3rd) and walked around and went to the Rainforest Cafe and some of the other attractions.

    One thing we found odd was that it looked like there were ads up all over telling you to buy weed. There were huge weed leaves painted on buildings and shops advertisting "pipes" with leaves on the signs too. Toke up, eh?

  3. Brooke, the Falls in winter is a fairy tale city. The mist freezes all over the trees and railings, and after Christmas they have the Festival of Lights on both sides of the Falls. Breathtaking!!

  4. Erie definitely is in an ideal location. Not just because of Presque Isle and Lake Erie but Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburg, and Niagara Falls are all within reasonable driving distances (day tripping). And then there are some of the smaller attractions like Chautauqua, NY (in the off season, after Labor Day, you should stay at a B&B up there), Geneva, Oh., and a number of small but lovely towns in PA.

    If you head back to Canada again, consider going to Toronto. It's only a 3 hour drive (at most) and a huge city with lots to do. Another 3 hour drive destination is Cedar Point... I could go on.

  5. I won $500 on the wheel of fortune slots in vegas back in 2002.....i lost it all. Vegas is the cirque du soleil there.