Monday, August 11, 2008

Officially addicted to the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Have you been watching the Olympics? If you haven't - Im telling you turn on your TV right now! Yes, leave work if you have to! This years games are amazing and I am officially obsessed with watching them. Maybe a little too obsessed?! I used to not even care about the Olympics but I cant help but watch this years! I feel like I have been camping out at the TV for the last week. I even told Freeland that I felt like I was cheating on him with the Olympics {and by 'Olympics' I really mean a certain un-named swimmer} at one point. Really, I dont but you get my point.

How can you not be watching this years Olympics? Its the most exciting one by far! If you look at how historical this years games are.. from the history behind China & the impact of their role in the Olympics to all the amazing teams from the U.S. that are competing and dominating and the # of world records that are being broken by all the teams competing! Oh and umm two words: Michael Phelps. Its been pretty intense watching! Did you see the opening ceremony? Did you see the Ralph Lauren outfits? Did you see the bazillion people there? Talk about the most beautiful one I have ever seen!? Look at these:
all the images are from this website

Not to bore you with my recap of everything. But I just had to put these 2 videos on here for you in the chance you havent been watching.

I watched this race this morning {it came on after 10:00 last night & I knew I would wake Freeland up if I watched it then} So at 6:15 this morning I was jumping up & down screaming at the TV in our living room.. which Im sure my neighbors loved! It was by far the best race yet! "With history about to slip away and Michael Phelps cheering him on, Jason Lezak pulled up next to the lane rope and set out after hulking Alain Bernard" {who by the way said earlier that day that they would "smash" the US team in the race! Lezak is the oldest man on the U.S. swimming team & pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in Olympic history! He was nearly a body length behind Bernard and came back to win by a fingertip! I love that the US team was the underdog in this race and wasnt expected to win. Then they came back to "smash" the French team! Watch.. you will be screaming too. Sorry for this interview version.. NBC's version wont play on every computer & they took them all off You Tube. Go to NBC's website if you want to see the entire race:

Also, they did an interview with Tom Brokaw this morning on the Today Show. I thought it was a great quick summary on where China has been and where it is now & their role in the Olympics. Enjoy:

phew. back to work. Dont worry, Im recording the Olympics while I work.


  1. We watched that race last was amazing! I am with you girl...I LOVE the Olympics this year! I hope M Phelps can pull it off...I think he can! :)

  2. Brook I love your blog. I am completely with you on being addicted to the olympics. I loved the moment last night when the US won against France in the relay race. I hope Michael can get his goal.

  3. I came across your blog from Fabulous K's website - I am SO with you! The Olympics are awesome!! A certain swimmer makes them even better!

    I looked at your wedding pictures & I totally know Dawn Youngker! I grew up with her here in AZ & her cousin is actually married to my sister. How random is that?! CRAZY!!

  4. I have been watching the Olympics non-stop since last Friday too! I've always been an Olympics fanatic, but this year is sooo great! And I have seen every race that a certain swimmer has competed in too :)