Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Nielsons ..

Well, believe it or not, many people have questioned my blogging in the past. Not my ability to blog {thankfully they dont share their opinion on that} but why I blog & things of those sorts. I blog to keep a journal of our lives, our love story, and our memories and It just happens to keep family updated also. But back to those 'said' people who have questioned blogging.. Some people nicely just smile and say they dont understand it and others actually laugh at the idea of blogging & my blog. Once someone even made a comment that actually hurt my feelings - and maybe I actually shed a little tear.. but there are way too many reasons that I blog that I dont care to defend it I guess. And honestly it doesnt bother me. I get it.

All that to say this:

Yesterday I was reading a blog that I frequent very often and saw something that immediately made me stop. I quickly began praying and aching for the family because of what I had read. A family that I dont even know. {and of course there were many tears} I prayed on & off all day. I went back again and again to the blog for updates.. and continued to pray. All because of this "silly" little thing called the "blog world" I have been praying for an entire family I dont even know.

The blog I was reading was from the Nielson Family:

I dont remember how I came across this blog but I have followed it for some time now & loved it. Stephanie is a fabulous mom. Her and her husband, Christian, have 4 stinkin adorable children. Yesterday I read that her & her husband were in a very tragic accident. They were in a private airplane crash and they are now in critical condition at the hospital. Stephanie has burns on over 80% of her body and Christian is burned on over a third of his body. The pilot, 48-year-old Douglas Kinneard, died. Its very hard to imagine going through this as a family. I cannot fathom it. Her sister, another blog that I follow & love, is posting updates on their condition. She has an incredible ability to see the best in things. I recommend reading it to see her take on things.

I just think this picture is beautiful - and deserved to be shared.

So Yes

That all got me thinking about how thankful I am to have a blog & to read other blogs. Maybe not everyone has a blog or cares to read them - but Im thankful to be known & know other people better because of their blog. Im thankful to reconnect, to stay updated, and meet new friends. Im thankful to learn & discover new things. Im thankful to be inspired, challenged, and encouraged. . all through peoples blogs.

How beautiful is it that this sweet family has people all over praying for them, people they dont even know, all because she shares her life through her blog? And, that my friends - is a darn good reason to blog.


  1. I agree. And I love your blog and think you do a great job. And I think it's so fun to read other peoples' blogs and see what everyone else is doing and get good ideas, etc. and I feel like I get to know people way better by reading their blogs. And it's way more fun than just writing in a journal.

  2. Great post. Horrible tragedy but how amazing that people can root for and pray for them.

  3. I couldnt agree more. I am also one of those nosy bloggers that reads blogs of people I dont even know including your blog. I absolutely love your blog though. Im Sarah Hicks cousin and found your blog through adam and camilles and hers. Ill be praying for the family. Take care.
    -Karah from Texas

  4. this is so tragic. I was reading their blog and they seem like a beautiful family.They are in my prayers.

  5. I get the same questions...and I don't care because blogging is the one thing I do for ME just because. I love it! Yours is great and I love this story, tragic as it may be. Thanks for sharing your story, and the stories of others!