Sunday, August 3, 2008

new blogs worth reading {ie:Matt Chandler started a blog}

Well for all you other blog readers {stalkers} out there I thought I would share a new fabulous blog with you. Most of you {at least those of you I know} have heard of Matt Chandler. If you havent then today is your lucky day because he is one crazy guy.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to his preaching in High School. At the time he was still preaching in Abilene. Since then he has become the pastor at The Village Church.. where I feel like everyone I know in Dallas goes.

Anywho - check out his blog. Im pretty sure his posts will be worth the read. {that was sarcasm.. of course they are going to be worth the read} He is funny, knows & hears the lord, and a gifted teacher so why wouldnt you read it? Also - his first post explains why he started the blog.. I think its brilliant.

Also I have a ton of other friends who just started blogging.. you should check theirs out too:

Andrew in Africa: My step brother who just moved to South Africa to serve as a missionary
Cooks Love Kisses: Story & Graham Cook's blog with lots of pictures of their sweet baby Cambell
Chad's 43 Hundered Mile Trip: My friend Chad who biked across the country. He has had this blog & ironically just finished his trip - but worth reading his experience.
Lindsay's Blog: Former Tri Delt with me at Baylor who is blogging her experience as she undergoes heart surgery.
Meggers: Meagan finally started a blog! Which makes me happy b/c I can stay updated!!
Peter & Anne: They just moved up to Canada & started blogging their experience! eh'
Rachel: Also known as RachieCL.. she has had hers but she just made it public this summer since she doesn't teach anymore!
The Glupkers: Bethany, who I met through Camille, up here in Erie just started blogging also. (lots of cute puppy pictures for those who love pups)

There are probably more.. and if youre reading this & I didnt know you have a blog .. tell me!


  1. Brooke,
    A friend of mine said at the end of the year she is going to make her blog into a book. I thought you might be interested, since y'all seemed to have had such an amazing year.
    Hopefully, the link works.