Saturday, August 2, 2008

Maid of the mist

On our last day in Canada & with Freelands mom here we ventured out to do the famous Maid of Mist tour. It was crazy. They recommend you get there early so you dont have to wait in lie. They werent lying. We got there at noon and the line was 45 minutes long. Worth the wait though. Once we finally made it all the way down to where we load the boat it was hot.. and with those little plastic "souvenir gifts" they give you to wear - you feel like you are roasting! So we were ready to load that boat & finally cool off.

Here is the boat you get on & the "little maid"
us in our 'free souvenirs' that you get for riding

Freeland & his mom
all of us
another lovely face shot while everyone is piling onto the boat to get the best spot

there she is.. the falls. Up Close & Personal.

it looks completely different from down here.

we were on the top deck. Oh & it gets windy people.

heading straight towards the mother load

looking back at the other boat & fall

freeland soaking wet after pretty much pulling into the massive water fall. Dont worry before this he said "I dont think Im going to wear my pancho thing." Thankfully he did.

see those little yellow things again? People.

green water

leaving and going back to the dock

our last shot of niagara falls

And that was it! If you ever go to Niagara Falls you really should do the Maid of the Mist. Its a pretty wild experience. You dont realize how powerful they are until you are right next to them. The water sprays & beats down on you.. and you can barely see anything {I wore sunglasses & that helped because the water didnt get in my eyes.. recommend that also} You get drenched. But all in good fun.

After we left maid of the mist we headed back to the states to take Freeland's mom to the airport. She flew out of Buffalo that morning. It was great having her here & Im really glad she got to see our house, where we live, what its like up north, and Canada all before Freeland started school.

PS - Peter & Anne.. I wish yall lived on this side of Canada so we could see yall when we drove up there! Bummer.


  1. Those ponchos are hot! I'd totally forgotten how sticky you get with those bad boys on. Luckily, though, you get soaked on the boat ride. Mmm refreshing.

  2. Ya know, I have been there a gazillion times and never once rode that boat. I dunno......something not right about flirting w/the falls.........w/my luck the boat would have gotten sucked into current and been blasted by the falls. I love when they light them up at night w/the colored lights.