Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i am deeply in love with this weather

Im happy to report that Im thankful to not be in Texas right now. Look at what our weather here in Erie has been all week:

Yeppers, its been in the 70's all week long! IN AUGUST!!! Right now we would still be avoiding the outside world & cranking our A.C. up if we were in Texas. Instead we have our window's open and no A.C. running. Im telling you - Its glorious! Do you all want to come visit now?

Oh and the trees are already starting to change colors!

I ran & told Freeland one morning "look outside! look outside! The tree's are starting to change!" (clearly we are not used to the whole 4 seasons thing) His response after going on our porch "you know what that means, christmas is coming!" It made me laugh - because its still 4 months away but in Texas this is the weather you would get right before Thanksgiving/Christmas... so it does feel that way to us kinda.

Thank you Jesus for letting us live somewhere that we will get to see all 4 seasons. Yes, the winter season may be longer than most prefer.. but Im thankful to live somewhere that I can soak all this beautiful stuff up!

Speaking of winter. I got a call from Dawn the other day.. she found it ironic & was laughing because she heard they are predicting a bad winter for us this year. Not funny! :) But its apparently a major discussion right now.

The Farmer's Almanac Predicts a Colder, 'Catastrophic' winter for us up here with the great lakes! Lovely.

Here is what the Erie Newspaper said about it: Clike Here
Here is what Fox News reported from the AP about it: Click Here

Guess only time will tell. But until then I'm loving that I can actually see Fall starting to arrive!


  1. Catastrophic sounds hard. and dramatic. I don't buy it.

  2. Catastrophic sounds hard. and dramatic. I don't buy it.

  3. The "OLD" Farmers Almanac[which I gather is a different version from the "Farmers Almanac] says our area of the Lower Lakes are due for a mostly mild November with snow at Thanksgiving. Temperatures will seesaw from AJanuary through march. Precipitation will be generally below normal. The coldest periods will occur in December, early January and early and mid- February [no duh-everybody living here could predict that part!lol] April and May 2009 will have above normal temps and below normal precip. So watch the caterpillars[aka wooley bears], the acorns falling from the trees, the birds and how soon they flock and fly south, the squirrels and other semi-hibernators and whether their coats are dark and very furry. All those are Mother Natures Way of forecasting the type of winter we shall see. Hope this helps.
    bojosmom Glad to see you appreciate the local beauty of the seasons. It is amazing and we locals take it for granted much of the time!

  4. Remember how glorious all this is in March when my flowers are blooming and you are still buried in a snowdrift.

    On the other hand, your high today was what I ran in at 5:30 this AM-with 90% humidity. SWELTERING!

  5. Enjoy that beautiful NE weather! Fall is amazing!

  6. Yes - fall is lovely around here. Soak it up though - it's an unpredictable and short season.

  7. I am jealous of your 70 degree weather...I love it when it is in the 70's, it seems like the perfect temperature. I love fall!

    Hopefully, your winter is not too bad! I hate driving in the snow and really hate it when it sleets and gets all icy. Maybe it will just be cold for you up there.