Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica

Us at her & adam's wedding in April 2006!

Happy Birthday Jessica!!! Well, this is being posted late & I feel horrible. Her birthday is really on the 12th. I did remember it, and even called her, I just didnt remember to post it! Forgive me.

Jessica, also known as Wee-J, and I met the summer before our freshman year at Baylor. Then we ended up living on the same hallway in our dorm that year and became great friends. We also both rushed Tri Delt together which I was so thankful for! Jessica is the most loving & kind person! She has such a gentle spirit and always puts others before herself. She is quick to listen and slow to speak also - which I love. I remember our freshman year people were always amazed by her & wanted to know more about her {boys especially} since she was never the one to talk about herself or make herself the center of attention. Oh and she also has the most beautiful voice. Once we were determined to start a band.. oh the memories. thats another story for another time.

You may remember that Jessica is also married to Adam .. and it was through her that I met Freeland {adam's roomie at the time}. Sooo I pretty much owe a lot to this girl! I wish we lived closer together and could still goof off all the time & make silly videos! Im so thankful for who you are & your friendship Jess! Happy Birthday

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