Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Amber

Today is Amber's birthday! Amber & I have been friends since we were weee little ones. Our moms became friends back in the day when they were first married & attended church at Prestonwood together. So we grew up together playing & have tons of pictures of us dressing up, goofing off & causing mayhem as kids. Then we both grew up, graduated from high school, went to Baylor, and then she moved in with my other best friends in Dallas!

Today is not only special since its her birthday - its also the first "full" day of her marriage! Yep, she got married yesterday & then turned 25 today. Phew! Talk about being busy. Who would have thought that our moms would have been such great friends when they were married and then amber & I would both get married the same year 25 years later? I love it. Happy Birthday Amber! I hope you have an awesome day celebrating & enjoying married life!

PS. Michelle {Judy} Twitty also just got married the other weekend! {congratulations Michelle!} All 3 of our parents were friends from the same group when we were kids! So 3 of us actually all got married within the same year! Oh and all of our moms are still great friends. Just a little tidbit for you I thought I would share.

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  1. I have one of those friends that I grew up w/next door, mom's were and still are friends etc. She lives in Chi-town (chicago)now though.