Monday, August 25, 2008

Celebrate Erie

In keeping with my normal routine - I thought I would post this a week late! No matter how hard I try to post right after an event - it seems to keep happening where I post way after the fact.

Anyway, last weekend Freeland & I went to Celebrate Erie! We heard about it all summer long and were told it was worth taking a study break for. We thought about not going. But then I remembered it was also when they did Taste of Erie.. so we decided it wouldn't hurt anything to stop by. I mean we had to eat at some point.

If you have been following our adventures since we moved to Erie, then you know already that this town has a gazillion festivals so everyone can soak up every second of the summer & nice weather. Well, apparently this is the Festival of all Festivals! I have never seen anything so big before!! They pretty much closed all the streets downtown & made one stinkin huge block party.

Im sure it helps that we had no idea what to expect - but we were blown away when we walked up. I couldnt believe the number of people there. There was tons of food, music, children's events, art, and even fireworks!

Okay. So lets start with this side note that has nothing to do with Celebrate Erie. We turned the corner after parking and saw this:

the Obama Headquarters

so freeland decided to take this picture. "may be my only picture with the president"

I laughed. Gagged. And Laughed more. And Im still laughing. Not to be political on here. But you should know this: Freeland has said all along that he is voting for Obama. I, on the other hand, have said all along that I dont know who Im voting for.


Which, has somehow started to be interpreted as "Im not voting for Obama" even though I never said that!

Its become an ongoing conversation between us since Freeland has "known" who he supports & this may be a shock to those of you who know him - but he is also very vocal about who he supports. :) BUT when asked {or questioned & slightly interrogated by his wife} why he is voting for Obama - well he couldnt exactly tell you.


I refused to let my husband be just another "trendy" voter who votes that way. {I wont go into my opinions on all that} SOOO Im happy to report since this picture was taken with his "candidate" Freeland has said that he no longer knows who he will vote for! And he has also said that he will do his research and figure out what each of the candidates are really all about & all the other political mumbo jumbo. Phew.

Back to Celebrate Erie:

this was us sorting through the crowd when we got there

here is what we found! The chalk art! It was amazing! Here are some close ups:

Jimi Hendrix

one of my favorites

this was also a favorite

charlotte's web

one last one for good measure

and back to the other activities:

this was along state street.. going towards the "main" part of the event which we hadnt even arrived at yet.

some of the activities for kids:

I loved all the kids that were everywhere! You could tell they were having a blast & their parents seemed to enjoy the fact that they could have a break & socialize at the same time.

On to the Taste Of Erie:

All the other people sitting & relaxing enjoying music:

Here was one of the many stages that were set up. I loved this band:

doesnt she look like Ali Blagg? Its all I could think when I saw her!

Oh & they also had an air guitar competition. If you havent watched one of these you should.

laughter is good for the soul:

Did I mention that Foreigner played that night?! Yes. Its True. Feels like the First Time, Anyone? Too Late .. No?

Did I also mention we even ran into people we know? How crazy.. we pretty much only know all of 2 people here - but we ran into all of them!

I should have taken more pictures because there was A LOT more activities than what I posted.. but I tried to enjoy the event - not just take pictures at it! And you cant eat & take pictures at the same time!! Chello.

If you want to see a few more of our pictures click here


  1. Tell us about the food. I am interest to know if you found any "Sleepers' in that department that we have not discovered.

  2. thats hilarious!!!

    erie looks like so much fun. how random.

  3. That does look like Ali! Holy cow!

    You should've entered the air guitar competition...that's hilarious.

  4. I was so sad because we missed Celebrate Erie this year! It is our favorite festival and the food is yummy! I am glad you have become so cultured this past summer! : )

  5. WOW - How could I have forgot to mention the food!!

    Well, its funny because this isnt like the "Taste of Dallas" like were used to.. where you buy a ticket to get in & all the food is just there for you to try.

    You had to buy the food at every booth - and it wasnt cheap. We really didnt plan and only took $20.. so sadly we didnt try all the new places there. It would have been the perfect place to test the "great" food in Erie! :)

    People were saying it was really good. Sweet Potatoe Fries, Pie, and Gyros were what I heard mentioned. We stuck to the Smith Hot Dogs though! Next year we will plan better. Keep you posted.

    Cam - I tried to get Freeland too but he wouldnt enter.

    Foodie - I know.. People were loving Foreigner! You could here them singing it all over just walking around before they even went on stage.