Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The scene: leaving our townhouse driving to Adam & Camille's. Freeland driving. Brooke on the phone - with someone from work. {side note: Im not the type of person who talks on the phone & listens to other people very well at all. If Im on the phone - I cant do anything else. So dont ask me questions or talk .. I wont be able to hear you, listen, or understand.. and apparently I give really sweet looks to that say "im on the phone" too.}

Freeland: I think we have a flat tire
Brooke: {oblivious and still talking on the phone} gives Freeland a look that says "im on the phone & cant listen to what youre saying right now"
Freeland: Hmmm .. yep, I think its a flat
Brooke: Still doesnt listen & keeps talking on the phone
Freeland: Its a flat and starts slowing down.
Brooke: Why are you slowing down? {pulling the phone away from my ear so the other person doesnt hear me}
Freeland: Its a flat tire. I will pull over.
Brooke: Wait what are you doing? Keep driving? Ummm do you realize you are pulling into a funeral home?
Freeland: Yes because we have a FLAT tire. Brooke, talk on the phone - you have no idea whats going on.
Brooke: {finally says hold on for just a second to the person on the phone} Freeland, Im sure were fine - just go ahead to adam & cams so were not late. Dont worry about it. Trust me, my car used to make this noise all the time.. Its just the rim.
Freeland: Im pulling over. Again, we have a FLAT tire.
Brooke: Okay if thats what you think. Continues talking on the phone

Freeland then gets out of the car to realize it isnt just a flat tire - its a tire that demolished and has holes blown in it everywhere. Thankfully, he didnt listen to his brilliant wife saying "oh its just the rim - dont worry about that noise" or else we would have kept driving and then no longer had a rim either! We then drove about 3mph home and switched to the truck.

So now we will be purchasing a new tire.

and possibly 4 new tires. yep. all of them.

I tried to offer to help change the tire. "Freeland, I was a speech major, I listened to like 100+ how to speeches on how to change a tire. I can help." He didnt buy it. Thanked me for offering and kept doing it himself. So I just cooked dinner while he changed the tire.

I see it as a blessing. We were right around the corner from our house, Freeland was driving, and it was just one tire. If we end up needing all new tires - then thankfully this happened before the snow came...

Who knows what or when we would have had them looked at & something crazy could have happened. Im mean were from Texas, where if it snows .5 inches - we dont drive.

Keep you posted. Were taking it in this week to have them checked.


  1. that sucks about your tire. i would recommend getting a good set of snow tires for the winter. they can make all the difference if you don't have 4 wheel drive.

  2. Get good tires! It does make all the difference in the snow. Esp since you two will be living there a few more years...

  3. I HATE HATE HATE buying tires! Lots of money & what do you get-a ring of black rubber with steel inside it. Not my idea of a fun purchase!

  4. My wife got 4 brand new tires last year. We went to the Pumpkin Patch thing (somewhere south of Erie near Waterford) and when we got back to the car, we found we had ran over a nail and it went right through the tread. The tire still kept air, but it had to be replaced. And of course, she didn't get the road damage package on them. :(

    I second/third the "get some snow tires". I bought 4 snow tires for my little Protege with rims from TireRack.com for about $400 and change, and the difference between all seasons and these tires was huge. If you just want some cheap rims, go to a junkyard or Kendall Auto Parts. It's MUCH easier storing and swapping a set of tires than going to a tire shop to have them take the tire off of the rim and swap the tire. And cheaper!

  5. You will have a wild ride this winter depending on the weather.

    That looks like a gouge!

  6. There must be something about these Erie rodes. We had the same thing happen right after we moved up here except I was driving on I-90 and basically almost had a big wreck! We ended up buying some snow tires!

  7. Navy Bean wouldn't have done that to you. She would have gotten you both right over to Adam and Cam's without complaint, thats what you get for driving an uppity Acura.