Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tuesday Night Block Parties & Downtown Erie

Phew. Long time friends. Sorry.. things have been busy & I honestly just havent taken the time to sit down and update this thing. But Im back and finally started uploading all the pictures from my camera.

The other week we ventured out to the Block Party that Erie hosts every Thursday night. According to the Erie Downtown website the Block Parties "bring the excitement of Fridays to a traditionally off night. Every year Block Parties draw over 25,000 people downtown on Thursday nights and also raise thousands of dollars for Erie community charities."

So we wanted to see what it was all about. We got there a little early just as the band was setting up. It was our first trip to downtown so it was a lot of fun to see what dtown was all about. Here is the street they block off for the event:

Here is the stage where the bands play during the block party:

Here are the people that start to gather to watch the bands & enjoy downtown:

And thats about all I have from the concert! Since we were early & saw about all there was to do pretty quickly we decided we would go explore downtown instead. So we went walking all around. Come to find out Erie has some pretty amazing places downtown! Here is the library:

This is a fountain downtown. Im not sure what it is or what they do here yet - but we have seen lots of kids playing in the fountain and its pretty stinkin cute:

We came across good ol' Molly Brannigans where we also went with Adam & Camille back in January for about 5 minutes.

These are all over the place in Erie.. frogs too. More on that later because I haven't exactly figured it out yet but Ive been told a few stories.

This is The Erie Club. One of our waitresses said its exclusive and only "important" people can go here. But that was also after she told us not to go clubbing at some other place down the street.. if we wanted to go somewhere "good" at least. So Im not sure Im really listening to her explanations of Erie at this point b/c Im pretty sure i dont "go clubbing" or use that term ever. :) Anyway, here is The Erie Club. Its a nice building:

Below is part of Gannon University as the sun was setting.. by the way this school has some amazing buildings!

The Erie Court House:

Some of the houses {or offices maybe} downtown:

Then we turned the corner & quickly realized that Erie has some of the most beautiful churches we have ever seen in our lives! Who knew?! This one is The Cathedral of St Paul. Its an episcopal church. We visited this church the next Sunday:

This one is the First Presbyterian Church down the street. We also visited this one the same Sunday. You wouldn't believe how beautiful it is! Camille, they are just like Harry Potter inside also - you would love it!

And this one is the Catholic church right down the street from the other ones:

And thats when my camera died - so thats all I got. But we quickly grew very fond of downtown. We did walk back by the block party after our little "tour" and saw that a lot of people were crowded everywhere enjoying themselves, the music, and blocking off the street!

I think its great that Erie puts together so many events each week for people to enjoy during the summer. School starts on the 28th so were trying to enjoy as many of them as possible while we can.


  1. FYI- That was our old library which has been taken over by the Federal courthouse next door to it. Our "real" main library is down on the bayfront, which you must explore as your getting to know Erie.

  2. Hi guys. Welcome to Erie. I'm glad you enjoyed your little jaunt downtown.

    Here's some facts just help you figure out what's what. :-)

    The pictures of the library are actually of the OLD library. It was fully restored and is now part of the Federal Courthouse that takes up that whole block. The current library is next to the Erie Maritime Museum on the bay at the foot of Holland Street.

    The fish and frogs are leftovers from two public art projects on two separate summers in the early 2000s. The first project was fish and then they repeated it with frogs two summers later. There were close to 100 statues each year that were sponsored by local businesses and given to local artists to create public art. The statues were then on display all over town that summer and then auctioned off for charity. The ones you see around town are on display by the owners. It was really fun and I hope they repeat it again some time soon.

    The waitress was right in that the Erie Club is a private, members only club that many influential people in the community belong to. They mostly go there to wine and dine other influential people and business contacts. I don't know about what place she suggested you avoid for "clubbing" but I'm sure she meant dancing and I can assure you that's not the type of "clubbing" going on at the Erie Club. ;-)

    There you go. Keep on exploring.

  3. hello, new erieites. it's really interesting to read your blog as you discover all that erie has [doesn't have] to offer. it makes an oldtimer like me realize that we've got it pretty good. [i won't be saying that come december...] oh, and the first presbyterian church [church of the covenant] IS the most beautiful church in erie.

  4. wow! Thank you so much! I love that yall are all helping us learn about Erie! I never would have known that about the library or any of the other places! Feel free to share any other advice or recommendations!

  5. You have to check out The Church of the Nativity of Christ, 247 E Front St -

    It's the Russian Orthodox with the golden dome on the bayfront. Make sure you go inside. It's stunning: Hand-painted icons and fresco's on the ceiling.

  6. I think one of the fish got blown up in 2000 or stolen or something....the one in front of Villa Maria...if I remember correctly. That was 8 or so years ago...I was working at MedNet Resources when that happened.

    I think it was their copycat way of doing the "cows" that Chicago did years ago. I saw those too and they were prett amazing.