Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ohio Wine Tour Part 2

So after we left Laurello & Ferrante we headed over to Debonne Winery. Debonne is the Largest of Ohio's estate wineries. Let me tell you this place was kicking! Its huge {seeing as its the largest} and they were having a Polkafest! OPA! The place was packed and everyone was having a blast. They have events and festivals all the time here so Im eager to go back.

I hadnt heard of Debonne before but according to the winery they have gained recognition by competing with wineries from San Francisco to New York and Toronto to Dallas. This made me a little excited that we found it and are so close to it. They have tours & tasting, music & events, and you can even rent the place out for parties. My birthday is May 27th if yall want to start planning.

Freeland & I joining the polka dancing. We really just 2 stepped though. Thanks to cam for grabbing my camera and taking pictures

The wine samples.

Now please watch the progression of these pictures as we started joking with the wine tasting cup:I think these pictures captured it perfect. I was joking. Freeland joined in. We were laughing. Freeland started goofing off even more. I stop and just look at him.

After we left Debonne we made our last stop at The Southriver Vienyard in Geneva, Ashtabula County. This winery is by far the most unique one I have ever seen. Its housed in a century-old church with about 30 acres of vineyards surrounding it. We pulled up and thought we were at the wrong place at first.. the realized that we actually werent.

It was originally a Methodist Episcopal Church and then it was abandoned by the congregation. After that it sat vacant for 30 years. Then in 2000 farmers & Amish carpenters began dismantling the building to take it to Harpersfield.. and local political leaders rose up and tried to block the building from being reconstructed. They said they wouldn't allow weddings or music in the chapel .. then in 2002 the South River Winery tasting room opened in the restored chapel to where it is now. And on May 19th they had their first wedding there. Beautiful.

The winery

I think they change the lay out of the room a lot because I also saw pictures with tables between the pews.

the cam & I decided to do a little photo shoot while we waited

okay photo shoot over.. back to the task at hand

And that wraps up our wine tour in Ohio. There are a lot more that we didnt get to try. I never realized before that there would be so many wineries & vineyards up here but I love that there are! Who needs Napa Valley .. yall can all come visit us now!


  1. i love all the silly pictures. you all are too much fun! :)

  2. OK-Camille & Adam took US to ONE little winery!!!! It does look like you all are praying before tasting in the church!

  3. I love the Debonne Winery. It's very fun! I've actually gotten to play the accordion with a few of the bands that have been there. You know Cleveland a polka town....or is it Erie?

  4. Ha! Funny pictures. Mom, you are welcome to take us to as many wineries as you want next time you come to visit.

    In fact, now that you said that, we are going to spend the entire next visit at wineries across the northeast. Get ready.