Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ohio Wine Tour Part 1

Back to our time with our visitors here...

Rhondita {as Freeland calls his mom sometimes} was still visiting so we decided to give her a great tour of not only the trip to Ohio but also the wineries that are there. We hadnt been and figured it would be fun. Adam & Cam were up for it also so we made a day of it. Our first stop was at the Ferrante Winery. This happened to be my favorite. Its large, they have a huge menu, offer food, live music, etc. We found a cozy little spot outside where it was quite and had our share of tastings.

Note to self: Ohio law apparently requires you to pay for the tastings. This was a surprise to us. In Texas you may pay at some - but there are plenty that offer Free tastings. We learned this at the 3rd winery when we finally asked why we had to pay at all of them.

Here is the winery. Its located in the Harpersfield Township vineyards:

Here is our little spot we found to enjoy our samples. It got a little toasty towards the end but we managed.

adam & camille enjoying wine & of course laughing. They laugh a lot. Freeland's nick name for Adam is "giggle box"

back to the task at hand

you cant tell from the picture but were sweating like crazy here.

This picture was actually at a different winery - but it got mixed in so Im going with it.

Ferrante is a beautiful winery. In a way you feel like you are in California being there.. but then you realize wait, youre on the other side of the country. We went back for dinner that night. I highly recommend their pizza! We had a blast sitting out on their other porch listening to the live music and people watching. Great date night also.

After our stop at Ferrante we hit up Laurello Vineyards. It was right down the street. Side note, we also saw people biking from vineyard to vineyard.. smart idea! We will have to try that at some point! Laurello had a completely different atmosphere.

we started with this

adam sipping wine

then we moved to these

I guess cam & I werent too involved in this one. I think it was because they had sangria and wouldnt share it unless we paid. {which is fair} But we didnt want to pay so that was that.

Laurello's also has food & other menu options.We didnt stay as long because we did the tastings individually but I would go back. And that was the first part of our wine tour around Ohio. I didnt want to bombard yall with too many photos. I will post the others shortly.

*PS: Did you notice I changed things up a bit? Probably not. But in the chance you did & you were confused.. I started writing under the pictures instead of above them like I always have before. Im not sure which is right.. or if there is a right way.. but Im just trying it out. I normally wrote on top because I would rather read what Im about to see. But thats just me. Yes this is something that i notice on every single blog I read and Yes it is ridiculous that I pay attention to something like that. But I do.

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  1. Does he rrrrroll the "R" when he calls her Rhonidita?? Because I definately would rrrroll the "R". Never miss a chance to "R" rrrroll.

    I still hate wine. No matter how many tastings you guys go to, I will still hate wine.