Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More 4th of July in Pennsylvania

So after we hit up the Erie parade we decided to go to Presque Isle so we could enjoy the day on the beach. Going to the beach is a completely new idea for us. In Texas {at least in Waco/Heart of Texas} there are no beaches for us to go to. So how could we not spend the 4th of July there?! Its the perfect all American thing to do!

Every time we go to Presque Isle we always pass these adorable diner style restaurants called Sara's and Sally's right at the entrance of the peninsula. And every time we say "we really need to go there sometime" So as we drove passed it we quickly pulled the car in & decided even though we had already packed a picnic to take with us to the beach- it was the perfect day to try Sarah's. We just figured we could enjoy both! Its a holiday. You can eat whatever you want & as much as you want. Its a rule. Did you know that? So we stopped & indulged ourselves.
This is Sara's:

And next to Sara's is this little Diner - Sally's:

From what I could tell, Sally's is where you get the desserts. But I dont actually know that to be true. I am told they have a famous Orange Sherbet that I have to try.

We were lucky to pull in right before it got busy. As we were leaving cars were starting to line up outside. Inside feels just like a 50's style burger joint. We both got burgers {mine was a turkey burger though} and we shared an order of fries.. because this was a 4th of July date. Whats a date if you dont share fries!? I highly recommend them. I was still trying to save room for our picnic so I will have to wait and try the ice cream next time!

After our quick stop at Sara's we finally made it to the beach. We were so excited because we thought it would be packed but it really wasnt busy at all. At least it wasnt busy on the beach we decided to go to.

Above was in the "safe swimming zone" we opted to move further down because it looked like this:

This was our little set up. Towels, chairs, picnic basket, books, games = perfect day at the beach.

We got this little guy, the picnic basket, as a wedding gift.

I LOVE it and was so excited to be able to finally use it.

After we enjoyed some of our food we decided to play boccie ball. This was also a wedding gift {thanks to Steph, Dave & Kris}. We have used it before but somehow I have never played. I guess every time we had it out we also had people over so I was running around. Freeland quickly taught me the rules and then it was game time.

One thing you should know is that Im not the most athletic person in the world. {i know-shocker. stop laughing} Because of that its not often that I have the opportunity to actually challenge my husband or come anywhere near close to beating him. {he happens to be really good at every sport/game/activity he tries} That all changed thanks to this game!

This is my game face: Score: Brooke - 10 Freeland - 5

I think this was right as he said "hey brooke, how do you spell comeback? Oh thats right, F-R-E-E-L-A-N-D" funny guy and I guess thats not how you spell it after all!

Let it be known that for the first time ever I actually beat my husband at something other than a board game! We even ended up playing 6 games and 2 winner takes all .. and I won them all. I should admit though that it was all beginners luck & Freeland was a great teacher! Dont hold me to these kind of victories all the time.

Next we went back down to our little spot & soaked up the sun:

And of course, we enjoyed more of our picnic. {Lots of yummy cheese & crackers!}

our day at the beach ended with another round of games & then feeding the birds our left over crackers.

After the beach we went and got all the pups {including powers since adam & cam were in Florida} and tried to all watch fireworks together while we ate hot dogs & enjoyed a relaxing night. Unfortunately we couldn't really see them like we planned so we just went back home & listened to them going off all around us.

Our first 4th of July as a married couple & in Erie was a blast! Its fun celebrating up here in the east. Getting to be outside all day & play in 75 degree weather is amazing.

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  1. Sounds like a great 4th! Erie does have lots of good qualities. Def. try the orange sherbert next time! GO to Waldameer once b/c that's a fun place also.