Monday, July 28, 2008

First Visitors and Bemus Point, NY

as you all know we had many visitors in town earlier. It was so fun finally having people see where we live & what life is like up here. Its crazy they all happened to be here at the same time. But Im thankful they were here & we got to see everyone.

First Freelands mom came in town. She had her trip booked for some time now but wanted to make sure she got up here before school started so Freeland could actually spend time with her. We picked her up in Buffalo then headed home {after stopping at the Cheesecake Factory as you saw in my post before} we cooked up a fabulous vegetarian meal & played an intense game of scrabble.

The next day we woke up & headed to Pittsburgh to see Landon. He was there on business so we made plans to do lunch. After getting lost we finally made it and ended up being able to spend the rest of the day with him. Unfortunately the only pictures I got were at dinner. Our other camera died. Here they are reunited again in Pennsylvania:

The next day my dad came in town for the night so we all headed out to Bemus Point. He wanted to eat on the lake so we decided he would love the Italian Fisherman. Turns out he did... even though he felt like we drove across the state of New York. Freeland's mom loved it also. We got to sit out on the porch which was perfect for the sunset. We ate lots of food and laughed really hard. Here are some pictures:

These are the insane Nachos that Freeland & I said we would never eat again.. yet here we are eating them again. But we werent the only ones...

This is for Tracy .. proof that my dad ate his share of Italian nachos also:

Dont worry - we still ate plenty of other food also.

and it didnt exactly stop there. We also ordered a HUGE bowl of banana pudding. Its the pops favorite dessert.

Proof - he ended up eating the entire bowl
Then the sun started setting and we sat & enjoyed every second of it.

After dinner we decided to walk around and show the family the rest of bemus point:

And we ended up here listening to live music and enjoying drinks for the rest of the night:

We had a great time. It was so nice to be able to see friends & family all at once. Although both my dad & Landon's visit were pretty short Im still thankful we saw them. It is funny that my dad came to see Erie and really didnt see any of it.. just New York. Hopefully him & Tracy will come back sometime this fall and see more then.

Freeland's mom stayed a few more days and we made the most of them. I will upload pictures asap.