Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the first day of school

The day finally came! Yesterday was Freeland's first day of med school. It still feels very unreal to me. Saturday he had orientation and then an open house at the school. The orientation was in the morning and thankfully he had already done most of the required things {shots, books, etc} so he was home pretty quickly. Then the open house was that afternoon. I was able to go to the open house with him.. which Im very thankful for. I got to see all the other students he would be in class with, the professors, the cafeteria, his classrooms, oh and the cadavers! Well, they were covered so I didnt really see them .. but that was close enough for me.

It was right when we went into the class room with all the cadavers in their metal storage cases.. as one of the professors was explaining to all the students & families that all the students would learn all about every part of a persons insides {he said it much more professionally - I just dont remember what he said} and then moved over to the Xrays and started talking about how they would all know within weeks how to read them and what to look for.. that it all started to hit me. Freeland is going to be a doctor! I got very excited for him at that point. I dont know why it took someone talking about learning on their cadavers or reading xrays to sink it - but that was the point that it finally became even more real. The rest of the tour & open house I was in awe of all the things he would soon quickly learn and experience.

We celebrated all weekend long and did as much of nothing that we could. {movies, dinner, adam & cam, pool, random erie hula huts, etc.} We also did some fun "back to school shopping" and got him some clothes and ties for school. Then we went to bed early on Sunday so Freeland could be up bright & early to get ready for his first day. He got up at 5:00 to read some before he got ready. Then I woke up and made him breakfast {which he was to distracted & excited to even really eat} and off he went:

Handsome huh?? He has to wear slacks, a button down shirt, and tie every day. I dont mind - he wears them all really well. And he is all up for getting them dry cleaned .. so I dont have to iron them. Of course I made him take the token first day of school picture in front of the house. I dont think normally he would have cared but since we now live with neighbors all over the place he nicely said.. okay lets just do this quickly:

And then I got a little picture happy:

This is his face where he wants me to stop taking pictures:

and off he went to his first day of med school. Im so excited for him. I know this is going to be such a unique time in our marriage but Im ready for it. Im really impressed with how well Freeland is doing going into his first year. He started reading & studying before school started so he could be ahead. I think he is going to be a really great student. Im also impressed with the school he is going to. I loved what one of the doctors said at orientation. He said that in his 30 years of practicing medicine he had never healed one person. ever. Then he went on to explain the body heals itself and that doctors are just there to train and help the body to do what its created to already do. I think its brilliant and a great thing to remember going into med school.

I will keep yall updated as classes continue..


  1. this is a great post. How exciting! I'll be praying for you guys as you head into this time. I know God has great things in store!
    And YAY for dry cleaning!!!!

  2. Congratulations Freeland! We are so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brooke - you totally crack me up...making him take pics in front of the house and everything...ha ha.

    Congrats Freeland on completing your 1st day of med school! Good luck with your 1st year!



  4. Awwww, sweet first day of class photos!

    He's going to do great, you're going to be an awesome encourager, and it is such a unique & cool season. We'll miss it once it's over, ya know??

  5. He looks SO handsome! Congrats to both of you on this new beginning. I bet it feels good to get it started.

  6. Aww Brooke this post made me smile so big!! Congrats to you on your new journey! :) I am so excited for you guys to start this new chapter in your life.
    A good friend of mine's husband just graduated from med school and started his residency last month. It's been interesting to watch them go through their journey together too.
    Freeland's 1st day pics remind me of when I took Andy's 1st day of pilot training pics in front of the house, and his cheesey "stop taking my picture" smile!!

  7. Wow! Very exciting! There's no doubt it will be a long, hard road but you have such a positive attitude and are such a loving and supportive wife which is the best thing! Plus, he's finally getting to do what he loves...so worth the hard work!