Monday, July 14, 2008

Erie Greek Festival

This past weekend we joined Adam & Camille at the 20th annual Greek Festival. They attended last year and raved about how entertaining it was so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to attend with them this year. This years theme was "Experience Greece" so thats what we did.

Im hear to tell ya, The Greeks know how to throw a party. While its very strange to see people drinking wine & beer at church.. its still fun. For those who havent had the chance to ever attend a Panegyri .. there is lots of food, lots of greek music, lots of dancing & entertainment, lots of people and lots of them yell "opa!" sporadically throughout the night. Thats how I would summarize the night.

This is the Greek Orthodox Church where the Panegyri {paw-nee-yee-ree} was held:

paparazzi follows us everywhere. This was after cam & I were on the news.. well actually just in the background of the news report but still.. we were on TV. I think:

Here are some the dancers who performed traditional greek folk dances from various areas of the Greek Mainland & Islands:

This is the Kakias Family Band from Ohio. They were very good & had the crowd going the entire night:

Here are some pictures of all the people enjoying the music and dancing. It was pretty stinkin adorable seeing all the families out there dancing together:

Freeland & Adam being political:
Freeland & I also experience our first Gyro in Erie. These are yummy and Im a huge fan of them now:

All of us chowing down:

More of the dance groups:

The weather was perfect. The crowd was entertaining. The church was beautiful. The Greeks love laughing & enjoying life. We had a blast. Thanks for sharing the festivities with us Adam & Cam.


  1. Great Post-I feel like I was there with you all. Had not seen CJ's haircut. Thanks for those pics!

  2. Brooke,
    I am glad you are enjoying Erie. I think I have been gone the whole time you guys have been in Erie so hopefully when I get back all the girls can get together to welcome you! Greek festival is fun, but you guys have to go to Italian festival too! That is some good food!! Camille, I love the haircut!!! *(By the way, I am the one from Texas and we met over at Bethany's!)

  3. These are fantastic captures of a great Erie tradition! I've lived here all of my 30 years and have yet to go though (my parents go every year though). Maybe next year!

  4. Looks like alot of fun! I tried not to miss it when I lived in Erie. Love those gyros.

  5. okay Erie has SO many cultural events!!! must be nice....... looks like yall are enjoying your time there so far!!!