Tuesday, July 22, 2008

63rd Annual North East Firemen's Cherry Festival

The other weekend Freeland & I drove out to the Cherry Festival that is right outside Erie in the North East Community. We had heard all about it and figured we had to go see it. I pretty much love going to any form of a carnival/festival/fair so there was no question we would be there.

Im so thankful we went. This little area is adorable! The entire drive there all you see is wineries & vineyards. It was beautiful. Then we pulled up and realized the entire town is so fun. I especially loved that The festival was right in the middle of the neighborhood downtown. It had more of a "community" little neighborhood feel to it. It was way better than Waco's thats on the parking lot of the HOT Fairgrounds.

Here are some pictures of all the rides. Which by the way - I cant ride anymore because they make me sick. Funny story about when Freeland & I started dating but I will save that for later.

Before we left we were told by everyone we talked to that we had to try the sausage. Apparently its what the festival is famous for. That & of course their cherries. So of course we tried all of them

This is how freeland tops his sausage. Looks like one dang good sausage. But I dont do mustard so I decided not to try it this time. He said it was dang good though:

Back to the Cherry Festival:

Dont worry.. Freeland is the strongest man alive and dominated this game! I loved it. Check out those guns:

Oh & how could I forget.. the cherries! We took these bad boys home and made a cherry coffee cake. I learned that I prefer the maraschino cherries that are sweet and no longer healthy.. but it was still fun to bake with fresh picked cherries

This cherry pie was AMAZING! We devoured it.

Right after we left the festival we walked down to the parade. Which by the way, is the Largest Volunteer Fire Department Parade in Pennsylvania. Who knew?! But we knew that when we got there at 1:00 and people were already lining up (the parade started at 4:00) that we had to see what the parade was about

There were people everywhere. I couldnt believe how many came out just for the parade

Sadly, thats where the pictures stop. Right after we took this picture.. and right as the announcer came on to kick of the parade.. it started pouring rain. Surprisingly everyone stayed in the rain to see the parade. The down pour didnt seem to bother them. Not surprising - Freeland & I darted to the car and missed it. The rain bothered us..


  1. You wrote- "I pretty much love going to any form of a carnival/festival/fair...".

    Have you heard about the Great Lakes Medieval Faire? It's about an hour away in Ohio. I've gone every year for the last decade and have never been disappointed.



  2. Medieval faire is awesome!

    You should also try the Canterbury Feast in Cambridge Springs at the Riverside inn......it is sooooo fun.

    Don't forget the Crawford County Fair at the end of August!