Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 4th of July celebrations & Erie's 4th of July Parade

Interesting that I always do happy birthday post but didnt do one for America. my bad.

Either way we celebrated as much as possible. Since I had the day off from work I promised not to even open my computer once {which I tend to do & then get stuck answering emails all day} It was so nice spending the day doing whatever we wanted & as much as possible.

The morning started with crepes thanks to Martha Stewart. We were going to do blueberry pancakes but I didnt have the right ingredients so Martha saved the day with her bomb.com crepe recipe.

Freeland getting creative and adding festive red, white, and blue toppings:

yummy yummy yummy! the are sooo good with honey drizzled over the top:

After breakfast we realized how late it was & ran out the door to make sure we didnt miss Erie's 4th of July parade. We read about it in the paper & decided to go.. but we didnt know what to expect before we left we just wanted to see what it was like. Let me tell yall - this was one awesome parade! We were so impressed with all the people who were there & with how long it lasted. I love that people in Erie actually get involved with all the events that go on! We will for sure be going back next year. Here are some pictures:

Gotta love guys in skirts:

the kids were my favorite part of the parade. They were everywhere & loved watching all the floats/groups go by:

never seen an orange fire truck before. Im sure it may be common - but Ive never seen one:

This band was rocking out. They were called Chrome {at least thats what the banners hanging from their truck said}. They were really good & had the crowd going:

whats a parade without kids running & chasing after all the candy? I loved it! These kids were not willing to miss any of the candy that was tossed their way. Im tellin you I saw them running & sliding under chairs to make sure they caught the tootsie roll and their siblings didnt. It was intense & adorable all at the same time:

parents had to get involved in this one:

Did I mention we were at least 30 minutes late and thought we missed the entire thing? Boy were we wrong! We stayed for almost an hour & it still wasnt over when we left! Im so glad we went & got to see how Erie celebrates Independence Day.

after the parade we darted over to the peninsula to spend the day on the beach & have a picnic. More pictures to come soon.


  1. What part of town do they have the parade in? Looks like fun!

  2. thanks for the info about the blog header. i have seen lots of blogs that have been done by her. my guess is that she went to baylor and that is why so many ppl know her. she makes the cutest blog headers i have ever seen. i will email her. do you know her personally. i feel bad asking her to do a free header for me, but if that is what she does, i guess it won't hurt to ask.

    anyway... july 4 in erie looks super fun. also cam told me about the badminton court. that's awesome.

    thanks for the info and have a great week.

  3. Brooklyn, it looks like we had similar 4th's. It looks so beautiful there. Love you much!!!! Miss you too:)

  4. Mrs. C the parade was next to the airport.. & close the pen also!

    Lindsey - all I did was just start following her blog. She does contest and give aways! I just started leaving comments to let her know I was following her blog. She is very nice. I have no idea where she went to school.. oh the blog world! I feel like I know her - but in reality I dont! :)

    Meg - call me! Im dying to hear about your 4th!!