Tuesday, June 17, 2008

who put the shady in shadyside? Pittsburgh

Last Saturday we took a trip down to Pittsburgh {Pitt as the locals call it} in search of getting Freeland a new computer. We decided to go there so we could also make a stop by Ikea and get some things also. {otherwise we would have gone to Buffalo or Cleveland}.

At first I wasnt all that impressed .. just looked like another city. Until we got into the downtown area - then I was loving it. Especially where the University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon are! Its beautiful. Here are some pictures of the area & campus down there:

From what I could tell it was a really nice part of town and right next to an area called Shadyside. Shadyside is definitely a more 'upscale' area with little boutiques, nice houses, a local market, and a bunch of other stores to shop in where you cant afford anything. This is the area that really made me love Pittsburgh. Look at these houses:

This one below looked a little haunted to me but it was still humongous!

It was one of those places you say.. I would love to live here if it werent Pittsburgh. No offense Pittsburgh but it just doesnt sound fun to live in your city since your nickname is Pitt. Here is a mini tour of the cute little area of Shadyside:

This is the local market, The Shadyside Market, owned by the same family for 50 years with fresh produce, deli, and a butcher on-site also. I loved it:

Here is a view of the shops you could just walk to and browse around all day.

And back to the original point of our trip. To get Freeland a computer! We have been researching forever what computer to get him. After months of waay too much discussion about it we finally landed on the Apple. Its what we knew we wanted the entire time it was just if it was the smart decision or not. It was. We love the computer and were so thankful that we were able to get it.

This is the Shadyside Apple Store:

This is what Freeland looks like when he is about to spend a big fat chunk of change:

Hands in pocket. Check. He either does this or gets out his to do list while he thinks through everything. He is also really good at making sure they scan everything right. Seriously, I cant count the number of times he has been paying attention & noticed they rang us up wrong & saved us hundreds of dollars! Im thankful for him. Even during this transaction the nice man almost forgot our student discount and to take off for the Ipod. oops!

Below is what we walked out with. Apple is doing their promotion right now where you get a free Ipod with every computer. So we walked away with a free Ipod Touch! We call it our "almost Iphone!"

The sweet man who helped us the entire afternoon with our purchase. He was wise.

Opening her when we got home!!

Bam! There she is.. our new MacAir!!

Freeland is sweet and says its my computer that he will just borrow during class. You know what, Im okay with that. Happy Birthday to Me! We love it.


  1. I've actually never heard anyone refer to the city of Pittsburgh by the nickname Pitt, but the University of Pittsburgh is referred to that way.

  2. Awww, I love Pittsburgh! It's definitely a "grow on you" type of city. Lots of great restaurants. You never know, you could end up there as it is a huge "medical" city.

  3. Looks so fun! And a new computer! Whoop!

    Make sure you check out Philly while you are living there (I think you may have some time ...) - we went in April and LOVED it!

    P.S. Can I add you to my blog list (is that a blog roll?) on my blog??

  4. Ha ha. Brooke, I love that you guys took a picture with the Apple guy that helped you!

  5. If you go to the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville.....they call it Pitt at Tit. LOL

    I worked for the UPMC for 2 years. The Western Psychiatric portion.

    Lots of yummy restaurants in Pittsburgh. Go to Primanti's to get fries on your sandwhich!

  6. brooke, i love that you take pics everywhere you go! i always forget that i even have my camera in my purse. anyway, that computer is great! i really really want one! have fun with it!

  7. congrats on the mac purchase - you'll love it!