Friday, June 6, 2008

timewarner & I are breaking up

we officially are not fans of timewarner cable! In Texas they were AMAZING to us.. we bragged and told all of our friends "you use Grande??? What are you thinking - you MUST use Timewarner they are soo much better, and nicer, and you will be BFFL!"

Well, after spending over 5 hours on the phone with Timewarner since we have been here we are spent! First they were late so we called and they said our order was incomplete so they wouldnt be coming. Then we called again and they said they were on their way.. so I guess it wasnt incomplete after all? Then the next time they said our order was already fulfilled.. thats strange because we still had no Internet?? The next time they told us they didnt even have record of our order. Awesome! Then they ended saying they couldnt do anything until next Tuesday.. Our best guess was they were all smoking crack.

That was all yesterday. They called us today and told us our order was pushed back until the 18th!!!! WHAT?? I work at home so thats not really an option especially considering we put our order in OVER a month ago. The woman on the phone also let Freeland know that there wasnt a supervisor he could speak to .. they were all busy and apparently their voicemails didnt work!

We gave up and are calling again tomorrow. We have no more minutes left to talk & wait on hold anymore.

IN SUMMARY: Im not trying to be complainey complainerton but I just wanted to let all of you know who have called to check on us that I will have to call you back tomorrow because TWC took all of our minutes. Also, any other companies yall recommend we try using? If they arent help tomorrow were going to be switching.. I just need a phone so I can work.


  1. TWC is unfortunately the only cable company in the area, so it sucks but they can do whatever they want. We have VERIZON dsl for out ISP. It's just as fast as cable IMO and generally a lot cheaper. There used to be a gap between the 2 but not anymore. I would recommend getting DSL if you don't have any luck with TWC. Good luck and welcome to Erie.

  2. There is only one that I remember of anytime I lived there....both times. Get satellite.

  3. if you get satellite, do not go with Direct TV. They do not carry the locals. trust me, i made that mistake.

  4. the people i nanny for just moved last week and they were complaining about timewarner too. That stinks! im sorry you had to deal with that. glad you got to Erie safely!

  5. Thanks for the advice. We are doing our phone with Verizon now!! Im glad you gave me the tip about the local channels.. or we would have done Direct TV and been stuck in a TWO YEAR CONTRACT!!

    Now I can call timewarner and let them know about the breakup and that I already found somebody else!

  6. Brooke,
    Josh and I had so much trouble with TW when we moved here last summer!! I can absolutely relate to your frustrations with them. Not the best way of starting off living in a new city. Hang in there. Hope we can all hang out soon! Welcome to Erie!!!