Sunday, June 8, 2008

technical difficulties

currently, for the last 2 hours, blogger has decided to deny all of the pictures I try to upload. So for all of you that i told i would upload pictures of our house & erie.. stand by.

as soon as it starts working i will get them up.

were here just getting settled and watching the nba finals game. freeland is balancing the checkbook to see what the final damage was from the move. it should be interesting.

we went to Cam & Adams last night and enjoyed grilling out and finally got to watch the Lost Finale.. it was soo good and it was really nice to be able to all watch it together again. felt just like the old days.

i start working again in the morning which im not looking forward to.. but im thankful that i can be at home and work so I have no complaints.. I promise I will get pictures up soon... maybe around half time?!


  1. I have the same problem at times. Maybe you aren't holding your mouth right. Who knows-but eventually it always works. Glad you are getting settled & hope that weather cools off a little.

  2. What?! Not holding your mouth right? What does that mean?!