Monday, June 23, 2008

taking a leave of absence

just a temporary leave of absence though.. while we desperately wait to have internet again.

Remember when I said
we were breaking up with Timewarner.. well we only half way broke up since the only thing we cancelled with them was our phone. That was until last week when our internet went out 3 times and still isn't back up almost a week later.

Again we spent HOURS on the phone with them going back & forth. I wont bore you with the details because I know its not what you are here to read about. Just know this.. in Erie, Timewarner Cable is horrible. Even their customer service admits it.. which is ironic because its their customer service that is the problem.

So now we have not only broke up with them.. but we already found somebody else.

Verizon will be out to install our internet on Thursday. So bear with me while I run to all the free Wifi places in Erie and borrow their internet. {so far wegmans has been our favorite place for free wireless internet but we have also been known to use panera's as well}

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