Sunday, June 15, 2008

searching for a vet

{looking for a vet online}

poor samantha.. were searching for a vet & have no idea where to take her. I wish we could just take her back to our vet in Waco but that may be a longer drive than its worth.

Yesterday her eye started to get really cloudy. At first I didnt think much of it but it never went away. This morning it was still there so I got on google & started searching. "cat with cloudy eye ball" "my cat has one eye that is cloudy" "what to do if your cat is a kitten but looks like she has cataracts" and so on. Looks like we have to take her to the vet from everything I can find.

Nothing too serious {hopefully} but something only a vet can take care of.

Sadly, this is one of the things we hoped we could take care of later.. not right when we got to Erie. For those of you who dont know .. we loved our vet in Waco. I could go on & on about how great he was & why he is the best vet in the world and everyone should go to him {btw: his name is Craig Williams if you are in Waco and looking for a vet} but I am sure you get the idea.

So we have high expectations of a vet. We want him to love our animals like we do. Like I want him to look at this picture of Sam where she is literally inside the toilet paper bag playing all morning and attacking it even though it hasnt done anything to her & think she is the cutest friggin thing in the world just like we do.. and then say "okay now lets take a looksy at that eye of yours and see whats goin on here.."
So any recommendations you have .. we will gladly accept. Dont worry we will also be calling our vet in Waco to get his recommendation over the phone as to what we should do. But we will need to find a vet in Erie.. it was bound to happen at some point.. and we would love one that could take great care of these kids too!

I will update soon with our adventures from the weekend.


  1. I used to go to the Vet in Fairview and I loved them....they liked cats there.

  2. we take our dog to Glenwood Pet Hospital on Peach St. Last time we went though, we were unimpressed and have been looking for a new vet.

    we have heard good things about Summit Pet Hospital although we haven't been there yet. It's on Edinboro Rd. (Rt. 99) just south of the mall. A friend takes their pet there and likes it a lot. We've been pretty lucky with our dog in that he has only needed routine maintenance such as shots and stuff. Hope this helps.

  3. I have also used Glenwood pet hospital in the past and have been happy with them. Not totally like what you are describing in Waco but they are excellent at the "medical" part esp for cats! Hope kitty is better soon....

  4. Dr. Felix @ Glenwood pet hospital is great. U. of Pennsylvania Vet school and very compassionate.

  5. Erie Animal Hospital on West 26th street is very good and his been around a real long time.

  6. I hope your kitty soon. Hard to say without seeing but it sounds like cataracts, which arent good.
    shes so cute
    she right?

  7. oooh the place at the edinboro exit where the walmart is on 79.....they are really nice there too, but can't remember the name.

  8. Thanks for all of yalls help!! Yall are fabulous! We ended up taking her to the Glenwood but just because they could see her first. But were going to try the other ones and see which one we like best! I will keep you posted. Thanks again!!