Wednesday, June 18, 2008

samantha & her freakishly large eye

Here is an update on sam for those who are interested & asked. If youre not interested then I suppose you can just keep scrolling and look at the pictures. They may make you laugh.

We ended up going to the glenwood vet just because they are the ones who could see her first. We were very thankful for all of your recommendations because were going to try the other ones also. The vet we happened to see at Glenwood was helpfull & we appreciated that he told us all of our options and then also told us what wasnt necessary & worth our money to try.

He told us that there is a page long list of things that could cause her eye to go bonkers on us. The good news is she is going to make it. But we still really have no idea what caused it to become cloudy because of the page long list of options. We have her on a few different meds right now so we can knock out all of the allergy/infections/bacteria options first.

Its hilarious though because one of the drops makes her eye dilated so she really looks cracked out on meds when we give it to her. Thankfully she isnt in any pain but I thought I would share what she looks like for your enjoyment:

Eddie & Sam discovering the window upstairs. They love when we open it. They sit up on the window for hours watching everything outside. Hopefully they arent planning their escape.

This is when Ed realized I was taking pictures. He is a camera hog and loves being front & center at all times. See, here he is being all cute and taking care of Sam since I have the camera out. He was just loving on her for the camera & licking her head. I wonder if he thinks she cant do it because her eye is all wacked out.
So do you want to see sam's eye? dont laugh too hard. its the drops I promise.

See.. the left one is the "special" eye. The right one is what her eye normaly looks like when she sits at the window. poor thing. its okay to laugh a little though because she isnt in pain.
Here is Eddie when he realized I was really just there to take pictures of Sam:

done being all cute & lovey dovey to Sam now huh?

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