Tuesday, June 3, 2008

our drive up north

Here is an snapshot of our drive. Its not completely accurate but you get the idea.

We made it to Nashville tonight at 9:15. {13 hours in the car} The drive was pretty easy today. I was shocked.. I guess I assumed it would be stressful & exhausting but it really hasnt been.. even with 4 animals it hasnt been bad. Freeland is a pro at driving the truck. Im a pro at following.

My mom packed us lots of food & goodies so we havent had to stop for food which helped our timing a lot. I wont even begin to mention how much gas has been so far.. but I will tell you that the penske is diesel so its given me a heart attack every time we filled up. We didnt plan for diesel prices when we originally budgeted but tis life.

Im off to bed & will keep you posted tomorrow. We plan to wake up early and drive straight to Erie. The weather channel said its going to be bad weather as we get closer so say a little prayer that we miss all of the rain! Goodnight.

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  1. so impressed w/ the updates!!! thanks for the email! cant wait to hear from you again! be safe....miss you already!! lots of love!!