Tuesday, June 3, 2008

moving out & saying bye

Here are some quick pictures from us moving out. It was awesome how hot it was outside that day. Something I will never forget and made me so thankful that when we unload the truck we will not be in Texas. Friends came by and helped on & off through out the day. It all feels like a whirlwind at this point.. but everything went smoothly and so we are incredibly grateful.

Here are pictures of our empty house as we moved everything out & cleaned up:

The most time consuming part of our move.. cleaning the carpet:
I dont know if you remember the garage before - but you couldnt see anything, including the floor, there was soo much junk in there. Now she is empty & can actually fit a car again:

Here is where all of that stuff ended up. I couldnt believe we filled the entire truck.

Got it all in perfectly. I wish you could see the boxes in front of that mess.. they fit like a glove and are beautifully organized. It made moving so much easier.

You may recognize that my jetta is not on the back of the penske.. more on that later but I now drive an acura again.. thanks to my dad :)

at the very end of the day before we got in the car to leave .. Our last picture at the front door of 2508:

This is where I started to get a little emotional. Actually it happened on & off all day but this is when it started as we left.

with our roomie zach. {we need to photoshop his wife vanessa in since she is also the roomie.. she was at work when we left but we got to say bye earlier that day.. that was when the tears actually started}

Me & Katie

Freeland, Matt, & Zach

Zach going in for more...

hug it out B.. hug it out {insert Michael Scott's version if you know what Im talking about}

driving off...

It was also an interesting day because our neighbors moved out of their house at the same time.. {not the ones were close to.. the house that was for sale next to us} and 2 streets down someone else was moving so Austin Avenue was busy the entire day and full of moving trucks and 18 wheelers. It was pretty funny. We made it and now were on our way to our new home. Goodnight.

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  1. Hope the drive goes well, and you guys get settled in quickly. Don't you just love moving?