Tuesday, June 10, 2008

moving in

Here are some quick pictures of the mess we made moving in & our new townhouse.

This is the front. You may recognize that it looks different than the other picture I posted when we signed the lease. Its because we wanted one that backs up to the creek and had newer appliances.. but its all the same complex so were all one big happy family. We just dont have all the mature landscaping and flowers yet.. but they're coming.

This was after Adam & Freeland worked their tails off getting all the incredibly heavy furniture out of the truck. I was really impressed! You should have seen them getting the desks up the stairs. Adam was holding it on his back while freeland pulled it up. It was painful to watch those things were heavy.

and after it was all unloaded here are what the rooms started to look like:

the last final thing: the dryer. amen its done!

Were slowly getting the boxes unpacked and everything organized. A few rooms look even worse than when we moved it all in because they are becoming 'temporary' storage places! I will post more pictures once we start to get it all done. Its taking longer than we imagined because were having to get creative organizing it all... but were getting there and its starting to feel like home & I really love it!
PS. Its 67 degrees here so we have the air off and windows open while we watch the game! Heaven.


  1. man, moving stinks. I don't envy you at all. It's so much work. it's nice you guys have friends to help. thanks for the nice words about our babe.

  2. I hear that Adam has a bill in the mail to you for his hernia repair........what are friends for hehehehe.

  3. Aww Brookie I miss you guys already! we need to catch up soon. Hope all is well in the new casa:) Love, Moogs

  4. Glad y'all made it and are starting to get settled! Can't wait to see more pics...I know you will make it so cute!