Monday, June 9, 2008

more of our drive across the country

here we are more driving across the country.. with my normal view of the penske

This was our nasty room that we stayed at.. Im not sure what I expected if the took animals but I pretty much slept on top of the covers that night. I should also note, the picture doesnt show the nasty-ness of the room. You had to be there.

Mr. Gas Guzzler himself:
Me pretending to drive the truck.

Eating all of our money:

remember when I twittered about the dinosaur museum?? That was it below! Just like in the Pee Wee Herman Movie. Scary that I know that.

Here is where it started to look like we were going to get some rain:

Here is where it started to get worse:

This was when I called Freeland and said "I love you.. are the dogs going to be okay if we drive through a tornado..??"

and this is where we pulled over so that we could make sure all the animals were prepared and the trucks were filled with gas. You can see the storm cloud coming straight over us.

and about 5 seconds later it started raining cats & dogs.. then a little bit of hail.. then 60 mph winds.. and I was so thankful that we were sitting here and not on the road. Perfect timing:

This is when I checked the weather to see what in the tarnations was going on. Yes, there is a TV in the truck. No, we do not use it. The truck came that way! But look how handy it was during our little drive!
once it started slowing down we got back on the road. I was even more thankful we werent driving when the storm first came through then because we saw a ton of cars flipped on the side of the road.

Then it got nice and pretty again a few hours later. Here are a few pictures of the farm land as we got closer & closer to Pennsylvania .. I fell in love with how beautiful it all was. You never see this when you fly everywhere! See - you should all roadtrip to come visit us & you would get to enjoy this also:

This was also right about the time we saw some Amish people with their horse and buggy on the highway. I promise Im not making that up!
Thanks for welcoming us Pennsylvania!

Finally hitting the Erie, PA signs:

About to pull up to our new humble abode..

And that was the end of our drive across the country. I loved it! Honestly, the 24 hours wasnt that bad. The gas wasnt even that bad. Well, in the tundra it wasnt. Im not sure I would recommend taking the penske on any road trips. I was very proud of us for making it the entire way .. Im not sure why but I was proud.
Were off to go running. Yes, I am going running. Im turning over a new leaf in Erie. I will update again once we get back now that my pictures are uploading again.


  1. I also loved the drive. EVERY SINGLE MILE of it! I like you do think we saw the worst of Nashville. You know it is a really cool town, but the drive in the interstate through it would not indicate it.

  2. Yay! You're finally in Erie! I know ya'll have been anticipating this move for a while. I've been out of the blogging loop for about a month (see today's post) so I enjoyed getting caught up on your posts. AND I love your new layout and header. Who did it for you? I need to get one. Well, enjoy getting settled and being neighbors with 2 of my favies! Tell Freeland hi!


  3. Yes, cross country drives are wonderful....the 1st time anyway. I drove from Monterey, CA to Carolina Beach, NC in ummmm, 199?, uhhhh, jogging my brain, 1993 (I think).....It is amazing to see all the changes in scenery from dessert, to mountains etc. I have driven a lot of places due to all the transfers. I only flew the 2nd time we got transferred to CA and even though it is better than is actually harder because you really have to be prepared and know what to leave out etc. because your sheeot is on a truck for god knows how long...usually 2 week min. and you never know when it is going to show you can't forget and pack yer diaphram, if you know what I mean.

    I love the Amish, but they party hardy and don't let them tell you any different. Go to the restaurant in Spartansburgh and eat....the Dutch something or other. YUMMY and also take a road trip to Lancaster, PA if you can before you leave PA. you won't regret can go to Gettysburg while you are there. It is a lot of fun.

    THE DUTCH TREAT....that is what it is called...the restaurant.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed your road trip and you guys got there safely. Good luck settling in.