Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last night we had our first experience with Adam & Cam at Presque Isle. It was the beginning of our Eriecation with them as we learn all there is to do in Erie.

During the summer on the peninsula they have a Sunset Music Series & we will definitely be going back. The have a band and all the locals come out & enjoy the afternoon listening to music, eating, swimming, socializing, and even digging holes {more on that later}.

Here are some pictures from our first trip to the peninsula.

all the people enjoying the concert:
all the other people swimming & playing in the ocean.. I mean lake.

adam & camille enjoying the music and people watching:

Its amazing how large Lake Erie is! You really do feel like you are at the ocean. Last night the Duke Sherman Blues Band played. I think my Dad & Mark would have both loved it. I cant wait for the other concerts now.

Camille said they also have block parties during the summer so we will also be attending those! The summers are big here & they take full advantage of the weather.. {even though secretly we look forward to the snow.. which I know is ignorant and this time next year I will be leaping for joy because the sun is finally back..} so Freeland & I are taking their advice and also enjoying it while it last.


  1. yeah, you should really do yourself a favor and not wish for the snow, it's not a good idea. come december and january, you will have more than you ever bargained for. ok, think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts. i hate the snow and wish it would never come back. uuugggghhhh

  2. The Lake though is very different from the ocean-would you not agree? Glad you enjoyed your Erie outing and also glad Free did not resort to dancing on the stage as threatened!

  3. That is so cool!!! It's like you guys are on vacation, what a neat set up. Love you both!