Tuesday, June 3, 2008

just a few last pictures before I erase them on my camera:
this is where the dogs ride. yes, we got a camper for the back of wade {the truck}.. something I never thought I would do. But its all to keep the pups safe so it was worth it!

this is what I look at all day.

this is the food my mom packed for us. Freeland has his own cooler in the penske also.

this is the first truck stop. very interesting

maddie & oliver

Hey Tennessee..

Eddie discovering he could get out of the 'pet taxi' and see what was going on. It was hilarious to see him stare out the window. Dont worry, I keep them in their carriers while were driving. This was an exception.

Note: when I spell check "penske" it tries to correct it with "pesky". hmm


  1. I have done that drive from San Antonio to Titusville, PA twice. Oh the horror. At about Jackson, TN you are hallucinating and insulting each other in the car....then you realize you gotta wake up and do it again.....same thing starts all over again in Columbus, OH. Good Luck!

  2. Wave HI to my mom and dad and grandma when you drive by! oooh and also Becky and Steve in OH.