Friday, June 6, 2008

hey erie ..

were here.. in case you weren't following the twittering nonsense that was going on we made it to Erie Wednesday night at 9:00. We didnt get our Internet & cable until late yesterday and I was preoccupied with moving boxes and then watching the Lakers & Celtics Game.

The drive went well and really wasnt too bad. But its nice to be out of the stinkin truck after 24 hours of driving. Here are my thoughts/observations of Erie so far:

  • Somehow its HOT here. Apparently its the hottest Erie has been so far all year - thanks for the hot weather Erie. Didn't you know we moved from Texas and didnt want to be in the hot weather?! Were told it will probably drop in the next few days and go back to the 60's - 70's. But its freakin 92 degrees right now... which is the same temperature as Dallas right now.
  • Burger King here doesnt have jalapenos! That should be illegal. Its the only reason Freeland went to Burger King before.
  • Subway has crab as an option! That's definitely not an option in Texas
  • They call things "townships" here .. that took me a while to figure out what they were talking about... but I did learn we live in the millcreek township.
  • Beer & wine are not sold at the grocery store or gas stations here.. you have to go to separate stores to by each of them.
  • You can only get wine at a "wine & spirits" store. All the wine stores are owned by the state so the prices are high and they are the same in every store. That also means all the workers at "wine & spirits" are government employees! Crazy
  • People in Erie are very friendly. Everyone has been super nice and stopped to talk to us about where were from and share advice on what there is to learn about Erie.
  • Downsizing & unpacking super stinks.
  • Having friends here is a HUGE blessing! I dont know what we would have done or how we would have unpacked without their help!

More later. Were almost finished unloading so I will update more later.


  1. Glad you guys made it! You WILL like Erie. It is different from Texas but it is a great little city.

  2. More Texans in PA-AREN'T THEY LUCKY!

  3. My 1st move was fromm PA to CA. I went into the supermarket and was SHOCKED there were no troyer's farms potato must buy a bag and eat them in my honor.

    2ndly I was SHOCKED to see alcohol sold in the grocery store. I guess I will never get used to it since I grew up in PA and we have "state stores" there....although I might is VERY convenient to get groceries AND alcohol at the same time.

    I grew up in Oil Creek township....I think hehehehe.

  4. Come over to our township and have a glass of wine from Wine & Spirits and then we'll have a crab sandwich. Mkay?

  5. Im definitely loving Erie so far! Thanks for the little comments! :) HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU MOVE FROM PA to CA! its funny on the way here we said.. at least were not driving from CA! It makes sense that you had movers now! :) You are right its soo not convenient to have to go to 2 places!

    Cam.. we will visit your township tomorrow with sangria that we will make from wine that we make an extra stop for at the wine & spirits store. then we will pick up crab sandwiches from dorthia at subway and be there! Have a fun date night tonight!

  6. Brooke~our company transfers us. We went from PA to CA, then CA to AZ, then AZ to TX, then TX to PA and the PA Erie to PA Grove City, and then PA Grove City BACK to CA, then CA to NE and then NE to AR....I am getting exhausted heheheh. We dont have to do a thing, if so, I'd NEVER move. is probably fake crab also...not the real stuff.

    Make sure to try some ice wine from northeast.

    make sure to get a pepperoni ball....ooooh also get some chocolate from Stefannelli's, some bbq and salt and vinegar chips from Troyer Farms....ooooh and also some gibbles chips, and some snack mix from Wegmans...wegmans brand and also get a roast beef sub from wegmas.....they are sooooo damn good!

  7. Next time I come home for a visit....we are all getting together for Pepperoni balls and fake crab sammies and chips!

    Drop my parents a smooooch while you are up there.

  8. LOVE Troyer Farms chips, esp BBQ flavor. Brooke if you guys get REALLY bored one day, take a tour of the potato chip factory! haha Sorry about Timewarner cable, I have had a few issues with them also.