Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Pop!

This post is a little late {see post below about our internet being out} but I wanted to make sure to tell my pop happy birthday .. especially since I couldnt be there to tell him in person.

My pop is really stinkin awesome! I wish I could share him with all of you! He loves me, freeland, my family, and everybody else he knows so well! He is incredibly giving and encouraging. He is always happy & always sees the positive side of life. I have never heard anything negative come out of his mouth - literally never... ever.. not once has something negative been said by this man. He is here to enjoy life & make the best of everything he can. One of the many reasons I love him.

My pop is also one of the hardest workers I know. He is retired from the Air Force and refused to stop working.. so to this day he works and never takes a day off. Even on fathers day & his birthday.. he works. He always says "Somebody has to provide for your Nana" :)

Which brings me to another thing I love about my dear sweet pop. He loves my nana more than anything else in life. After all these years of marriage he says he loves her just as much, and actually more, than the day they got married. In all the emails & letters he writes me he tells me how much he loves her & how wonderful she is. I dont think I have ever been around him when he hasnt mention that he is lucky to have her as a wife. He not only talks about how much he loves her he also shows it! He is always serving her & giving everything he can for her. For example, my nana has never had to put gas in her own car. She doesnt even know how! My pop has done it for her their entire marriage! Just one of the little things he does daily to serve her & love her. They are also high school sweet hearts - so that just makes their relationship even cuter! I hope that Freeland & I are just as in love with each other as my Pop & Nana are now.

This picture is from one of my favorite memories of my pop from our wedding. One thing my pop loves to do is sing. {he has a song for everything} so at our wedding he sang us a song & it was the sweetest moment in the world. Everybody loved it. {note all the people in the background ripping out their phones to take pictures} .. there were also many people in tears. It was so special and I will never forget him singing to us with my nana by his side. Love you Pop.


  1. What song did he sing? I know he is proud of you also!

  2. This is absolutely the best you have ever written! Your POP is the best and you definitely take after him. You and Freeland will have a wonderful marriage if you live life the way POP has and live every day to the fullest and know that God is in control and "Ain't God Good". I LOVE YOU!

  3. thanks for your message!!!! its so great to see you! yall look so happy and fun!!! im so glad to join the blogging world. im going to stalk everyone!!!!!!!