Friday, June 13, 2008

digging a hole to china

You may recall on my last post that I mentioned there was hole digging going on at the concert also.. or you may have read Camille's blog where she mentioned it too. Here is the replay of the group of friends who decided they wanted to dig a hole to china right in front of us. We were amazed.

At first he just started with a little hole. Really, there were 3 girls with him who just happened to be attractive so watching from the sidelines we assumed they just happened to mention "wouldnt it be awesome if we could dig a hole china.." and then they went about their ways.. and then he jumped right on it to show how attentive and strong he was. Because they definitely went somewhere else while he started digging his way out.

Keep digging young man. Keep digging.

They came back to help. And I think they were all really impressed with how big the hole was. Very heroic.

Here they all are admiring his skills and maybe talking about what they will do once they arrive in China:

Once plans were decided.. it was back to digging..

please note, he is now having to dive into the hole to keep digging.

This is when the concert started to wind down and I think they put their trip to China on hold.. realizing they wouldnt be able to finish in time. I hope they try again next time because it was fabulous entertainment.

Note: No shovels were used .. just bare hands.

Note: We did ask why they were digging the hole. They said "to get to china." We didnt make that up.

Note: Since we were all just innocent bystanders during this all we did was watch and figure out who they were & what this group of friends were like. We all came to the conclusion that these high school kids {who maybe just graduated?! I don't know} were all the really nice kids at school that were friends with everyone.. the type that can just have fun doing nothing {like digging holes} and enjoy just being together. They arent the ones who care about being popular - but are popular because they dont care. The boy.. I mean man.. seemed like a good ol wholesome kid that their moms are all proud their daughters hang out with him. We liked them and all thought we would be friends if we were in highschool still.