Wednesday, June 25, 2008

celebrating quarter of a centurty (a month late)

its true Im now over a quarter of a century old. However the birthday celebrations just happened to fall right while we were moving {may 27th} so Im just now getting around to blogging all about it. It was a great birthday. I dreaded turning 25 because now Im only 5 years away from 30. But I decided thats not worth caring about and so I just embraced it.

The birthday celebrations started earlier in May because that was the only time we were going to see my dad & Tracy together before we left. My dad treated us to dinner at Steve Fields. It was amazing and now Im craving their crab cakes just thinking about it. After dinner he gave me my gift. It was a necklace that they picked out in Europe during their trip. Its beautiful & I love it. Oh Steve also gave me a big fat piece of cake for my birthday. Thanks Steve.. we loved it:

On the day of my birthday it was also my last day in the office & we also had a goal of finishing the entire house the same day - so it was a little hectic but I did have a great day.

I woke up & Freeland was pretty much dying waiting for me to open all my gifts. He had been asking the entire week if I would open them but I told him we had to wait until my actual birthday. He is that way with any surprise or gift no matter what it is .. so its a miracle he pulled off
the engagement like he did. Anyway, so after following me around all morning waiting for me to open them I finally agreed. {not that I dont love opening gifts.. im just the type that would rather wait until were doing cake at the same time. I guess I like the suspense} So here I am opening the gifts:

The below picture was the first one I opened. A running book. Quick background: This is a funny one because over the last year Freeland has just happened to sneak in a gift with every occasion that "encourages" me to start running again. Like running shoes, some nike shorts, a new arm band for my ipod.. etc. Clever. So he couldnt resist giving me this book for my birthday:

He followed it up with this one. The Joy of Cooking... that made it all better. Now I guess I can make some amazing cupcakes after I go running. Which by the way, its a miracle - I have actually started running again in Erie.

Then that night we did our usual and joined friends at Baris. Matt, Katie, Zach & Vanessa all came to eat with us. It was a blast & a great way to spend one of our last nights in Waco. Matt & Katie were so gracious and bought dinner for all of us! And Zach & Vanessa surprised me with the most perfect gift ever also! After dinner we followed it up with Cake & the some NBA finals at our house. Here is the cake:

Its an ice cream cake! They are my absolute absolute absolute favorite. I could have finished this thing off myself if everyone would have let me.

wait, that was 52 not 25.. try it again:

and there you have it! That was how I celebrated my 25th birthday. I wont ever forget eating cake & ice cream on plastic plates with all of our best friends there with us in an empty house & boxes surrounding us. I loved it. Of course my mom, grandparents, and everyone else also celebrated with us & showered us with gifts. I just didnt see them on the actual day.

My mom and grandparents both gave me money that I had to use on myself and not for moving. {they were smart & knew I would spend it all on buying new things to organize and set up our house} So far I have only bought a bag from gap with the money. Im holding out to find the perfect thing. Maybe I should invest in some good snow boots while I can.. Oh Meg, Rachel, and Crystal also all surprised me with gifts! It was so thoughtful! I wasnt expecting anything and everyone of them gave me the most perfect thing ever!!! I have such incredible friends!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! If I had known, I would have been timely! Good for you-RUNNING IN ERIE!

  2. Wait til you turn the big is looming next month for me....I am hoping for Prozac w/a big shiney bow.

  3. Happy birthday a month late, I wrote this a while back, but I thought maybe it might inspire your new running hobby.

  4. Freeland's gift cracks me up. He is all about the running!

  5. Awww Brooke .. happy bday! I knew it was last month and then never heard anything about it! I'm so glad you guys were able to celebrate now :) And I love Freeland's "suble" hint gits .. LOL!

  6. I hope you had a fantastic birthday! Turning 25 is crazy huh? We are growing up! haha
    Hope all is well!

  7. Happy Birthday Brooke! I loved your post! You crack me up!