Thursday, June 19, 2008

bemus point, ny

last weekend Adam & Camille continued our eriecation. {erie+education = eriecation} cam said that this was more of an "elective" to our eriecation because its not actually in erie.. but its something we get to enjoy since we live in erie.

We ventured over to New York on Sunday afternoon & went to Bemus Point. {its about a 20-30 minute drive if I remember right} This little town is adorable. Its really more a village than a town. I would maybe compare it to the small towns in the hill country in Texas .. except this in New York people so its a totally different thing at the same time. As always here are some pictures from our day trip into New York. Hopefully this makes all of you want to come visit us even more! :)

The streets of Bemus:

The houses in Bemus:

The lake. Chautauqua Lake to be exact.. This is what surrounds Bemus Point.

The famous Italian Fisherman Restaurant where we ate. Its a great little restaurant and our waitress filled us in on all there is to do during the summer in Bemus Point. They have different events every night of the week all summer long right on the lake! I think we will for sure being going back to visit. Im very interested in the so called "idol" competition they have.

Cam & me

just being 'two wild and crazy girls' enjoy the afternoon..

best buds:

photos courtesy of camille & her fabulous photography skills:

love birds:

ever heard of italian nachos? I hadnt. Prepare yourselves for what you are about to see. These things may give you a heart attack just looking at them.

After we finished at the Italian Fisherman we headed out to explore the town. Everyone there is friendly. It seems like the perfect little place to spend your summers. Cam & Adam showed us around since they had just been there with her parents the other week. My favorite was the hotel below. They have tons of chairs to lounge on all day long just sitting in the yard & on the porch... it looked like the perfect afternoon to me:

rocking chairs on the porch:

Bemus Point also has a Casino! Although Im really not sure this is a Casino. We peeked inside and it looked more like a restaurant/bar or place you would go to dance. The waitress I mentioned earlier told us they have a dueling pianos show {just like pete's dueling pianos in Dallas} so hopefully we can all go enjoy that at some point as well.

We also saw this next to the local market. Have you ever seen a live bait vending machine?! How strange is that!! They just have worms inside of them. This was a mind boggling to me. But then again.. Im a newbie to this life on the lake.

after we browsed the streets we stopped and got ice cream at Perry's Ice Cream. You may be thinking how could they eat that after eating those italian nachos.. we just opened our mouths & enjoyed every bit of it. It really was easy. We were just really full afterwards. This ice cream was amazing.
I enjoyed Bemus Point. Its right next to the Chautauqua Institute which we also stopped at. More on that later. Were off to try to enjoy more of Erie while we can.


  1. GREAT Pics of Bemus! I relived our trip there through them. I LOVED the rocking chair pic-suitable for framing! Thanks for the kind words about our "Lisa Party". It was easy to do-for she is a wonderful friend-as they all are! I pray all you girls will develop friendships just like ours!

  2. How fun that you guys are able to go and see so many fun places so much.

  3. Hi Brooke and Freeland

    Nice pictures and nice blog. Never been to Bemus Point, but seems nice.

    This is more of a cheap plug for a new Erie Forum than anything else, but enjoyed the blog.

  4. My old boss had a house in Bemus Point....sold it for 1.5 mil. furniture included.

    My aunt has a cottage at Chatauqua...they also live 2 blocks from the entrance to presque isle.....weird, I know.

  5. DId I ever tell you about my stomachache that night? I sat by the toilet for an hour! I wonder why?!? Hmmmm

    Oh, well worth it!

  6. my best friend's parents have a cottage right across the lake from the italian fisherman. it's lovely there. did you see the little amusement park by chance? when we visit the cottage, we usually drive the boat across the lake and dock right outside of it. it's quirky and fun. check it out next time!

    you're right about the casino - it's a restaurant/bar.

    it seems like your eriecation is going well!

  7. You guys are having way too much fun!! I can't wait to visit some of these places with ya'll. Miss you and love you! Mom

  8. Hi. My family has a place at CHQ also! So glad you huys love it there also. You can rent a boat at Chautauqua Marina and get out on the lake the next time you go up! It's a great boating lake. The Casino has great summer drinks and the BEST chicken wings you will ever eat.

  9. i love that rocking chair picture, brooke!

    i really need to get up there and visit ya'll sometime soon!

  10. Brooke, Thanks for the information about the dog food and the petsmart membership. I will have to look into that. He after he scarfed that wet food down, he threw it up later that night. I know, gross. But I feel terrible. Hopefully when we take him to the vet next week, we can get some good information. Anyway, the interview went well. I should find something out next Thurs. or Fri. The principal was interviewing LOTS of teachers. Makes me nervous, but I'm thankful that I already have a good job to go back to if this doesn't work out. Ya'll have a great weekend!!

  11. Looks like so much fun!! :) Love all the pics! You are seriously like the best blogger, ever. So fun!

  12. i love the chautauqua/bemus point area. i ended up buying a membership to the golf club across the street from the institute. if you like golf, it's a great place to go play.

    also, just down the street from the institute is a great little home decor shop.

  13. oh, and by the way, i love that photo of the rocking chairs!