Friday, May 2, 2008

Wildseed Farms

So on our way back home from the hill country I was sad because we had to go home.. so Freeland spotted this little gem and pulled over so we could go enjoy one last spot before we left. This place is amazing! Its called the Wildseed Farms & I have never seen anything like it! As you can imagine its a bunch of wild flowers.. I am talking fields & fields of wildflowers! They go on forever! The farm was huge and they have all sorts of activities going on while you are there.. I highly recommend stopping by this place if you are ever near fredericksburg.

This is when you first walk in they have tons of plants, flowers, tree's etc. that you can buy. Think Lowes and multiply it by 100 it was incredible and made me wish we had something like that by our house.

See, here is everyone shopping: They also have a butterfly exhibit called the Butterfly Haus. They have hundreds of native Texas butterflies here. It was pretty crazy to see that many butterflies in one place.

Then we finally made it to "the meadows" where the grow all their wildflowers! It was gorgeous .. and there were all these kids in the fields running around with their parents trying to get pictures of them! It was pretty cute too.

Here is Freeland & I trying our best to take a picture ourselves:

Here are more pictures of the farm:

Then look what we found hiding in one of the fields.. he was missing an ear but he was pretty cute & loved Freeland:

There was also a group of women that were there painting. We loved watching them and their paintings were really good!

another shot of us trying to hold the camera & take a picture:

Kissy face:

You know how I said that was the last one? Well that may not exactly be the truth.


  1. What great pictures!! Sounds like so much fun! I love the wild flowers. I'm hoping to go to Fredricksburg in a couple of weeks so we'll have to stop and see them.

  2. I want to be an old lady painting the fields when I grow up.

  3. How pretty! I love flutterbyes!! We have told all of our chitlin's that their eyelashes are butterflies and there eyebrows are caterpillars and toes are piggies and teeth are beavers.