Tuesday, May 27, 2008

were making progress people

Thank God for long weekends. Although I would normally like to spend these weekends by the pool chillaxing - this weekend was spent packing. {after going to Keller, Ft. Worth, Waxahachie, then down south to say bye to close friends, and back to waco} We got a HUGE chunk of it done. All that is left is just the little things floating around.

This just makes my heart sing. Have you ever seen such organized packing?? Again, thank you Zach for giving us all of these boxes. Its making my life so much easier! 1. because they stack in such pretty ways. 2. because there is no taping them shut. Amen.
I dont know if you remember what this garage looked like before - but you pretty much couldnt walk in it with all the tools, random furniture, and junk. But now you can actually see the floor!

So that was our memorial day weekend. I love this holiday. Thankfully next year we will get to do more of the "chillaxing" part by the pool with sangria maybe? But Im thankful our move fell right after a long weekend & I got a day off to pack without having to take PTO.


  1. I love the organization and I'm glad you guys are making progress. And I'm glad we are done, well for a few months.